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Young Living Essential Oils ~ Natural Healing

August 22, 2010 by aromatherapymaster guest  
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Young Living Essential Oils ~ Natural Healing
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The process of making therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil–from planting the seed to sealing the bottle. Learn more at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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31 Responses to “Young Living Essential Oils ~ Natural Healing”
  1. Angelfaceisation says:

    This is really good; it gives easy-to-understand information on a variety of amazing essential oils. Well done.

  2. MKayKeller says:

    As for anyone being dooped or pushed into buing these products….well…it may depend on the person they were dealing with however the company in no way has to push anyone into buying these products. Furthermore people who claimed to being taken are often neglectful in owning the responsibility for the choices they have made.

  3. MKayKeller says:

    I am a researcher who can tell you that these products are the real deal. The company does not make false claims and is very careful about what they say about their products. I Love these products have been using them for years and highly recommend them to others without reservation!

  4. Netty313 says:

    Those that have criticized Young Living probably haven’t tried real hard to aid ailments with their oils; being positive in any health venture is a must. Two years ago, I was sleeping 12 hours/nite plus I usually took a 4-hour nap during the day. After supplements (mostly from Mercola), seeing a chiro/acupuncturist/herbalist, and using Young Living oils (healing via God’s natural habitat), I’m now sleeping 7-8 hours a night (no naps!), and swimming 1/4 mile every other day.

  5. DivaJacobs313 says:

    I’m sorry many of you have bad things to say about the company… but I’ve been using essential oils from another company since 2005 to help me with the pain I was suffering from a very serious neck injury… All I can say is I take no meds and my doctors of nurosurgery can’t explain why I have been able to last as long as I have without surgery… and I continue to use essential oils and herbs for optimal health….

  6. flyinshallot says:

    Of course,modern pharmaceuticals are”safe” and they”cure”:nothing.Manage symptoms,maybe…create side effects,and maybe death.Cult?Hardly.Allopathy is quite entrenched though.

    No one but doctors”order”.And they do’ practice ‘medicine,like lawyers practice…at the ‘bar’….I smell a witch hunt…

  7. BurningAlienSyndrome says:

    You are missing the point compleatly. People shoulnt care about how much money they make off these oils. Just enjoy the benifits and relax. You worry too much about who is above who in the “pyramid” but the only reason why I can see you saying this, is because you are upset you are not ontop of that pyramid. Why worry about that shit then these oils are meant to be used as medicine or alternative cooking? BTW, no matter how high you climb, someone will always loom over you. The top doesnt exist.

  8. BurningAlienSyndrome says:

    I also own alot of there oils and they ALL work the way they should. They are way healthier for you then any over the counter pill or drug you will get from the government. For this guy to be saying that he was drugged is absolutly rediculous. His mind is obviously not sound and probably went into that seminar with negative thoughts and created something that wasnt there. This is all in his head people and if he trully went to the police, then he is an idiot. These oils work, plain and simple.

  9. BurningAlienSyndrome says:

    I cant believe you took the time to spew all of this bullshit! You are saying that these oils are bad for you but tell me sir, how many drugs or vaccines out there are good for you? NONE of them because they all lead to another medical issue and the pharmacys make nothing but money off of idiots like you. These oils do in fact work. The pepperment oil has helped me with my stomach problems and works way better then some pill or muscle relaxant. You are nothing but a fucking fear mongerer.

  10. Obushlovesdick says:

    They conned me into bringing my friend who I told them had hypertension and is on several serious meds. They didn’t care. After two minutes, I wanted to grab my friend and run out of there, but she was already indoctrinated. She was desperate to get off her meds. What did they have her smell? We went to the police. They are serial, calculating criminals.

  11. Obushlovesdick says:

    Let’s just take peppermint oil. You should not take it if pregnant or nursing. DO NOT appy to the face, especially under the nose of a child or infant when it’s concentrated. Do not take while on the drugs felodipine (for hypertension/high blood pressure) or simvastatin (hypercholesterolemia) or anyone with heart conditions. Of course if you’re allergic, you could have serious adverse reactions, as well. This cult only tells you to put it on your skin, breath it in, taste it, etc.

  12. Obushlovesdick says:

    They poisoned me at their cult gathering.They make you sit there for three hours “deeply breathing” in these fumes, one after another. You get high, then they hand you “spiked” water.When they feel you’re doped up they push the order.Oh no, you HAVE TO buy the $200.00 package and put SS#.You’re so drugged up you believe it.Their scouts prey on people like me, who are chronically ill and concsienscous regarding health.The scouts claim to survive cancer.Please beware. I had allergic hives/fever.

  13. myrmecia1977 says:

    Quackbusting only works when you bust quacks, your post is meaningless. Of course he admits to busting liars, fakes and cheats – THATS THE FUCKING POINT!!!!

  14. myrmecia1977 says:

    Stephen Barrett is not a quack, the difference is that the accusations Stephen Barrett makes against Gary young can be followed up by accessing the court documents. The claims by Gary Young can only be traced to…… Gary Young.

  15. Jaenelle1 says:

    I think this company is amazing and I don’t care if I do make any money off selling the oils. I use them myself and will easily spend a minimum of $50/month replacing what I use. Heck, I will spend $50 on the Thieves soaps alone, and it is worth every penny.

  16. 999angelbear says:

    I have MS and started using Pharmaceutical drugs for the first year and a half…once I ended up on disability I turned to holistic remedies and started to buy the essential oils along with NingXia Red. They work for everything from pain to not being able to sleep, diffuse them in your home and put them on your skin, or take them internally for an infection or when you are getting sick…they work and I gladly pay for them instead of all the $ I paid the doctors! Try it!!!

  17. alexcreador says:

    guau! que geneial idea de mostrar estos productos, yo hice mi cersion en espanol, mirenla

  18. lookupwakeup says:

    To: houstononthemap
    “Quackbusting” – is a Profitable Business…
    Frankly, “quackbusting” is a profitable industry, and Stephen Barrett plays it to the hilt.
    In a Canadian lawsuit (see below) Barrett admitted to the following:

    “The sole purpose of the activities of Barrett & Baratz are to discredit and cause damage and harm to health care practitioners, businesses that make alternative health therapies or products available, and advocates of non-allopathic therapies and health freedom.”

  19. lookupwakeup says:

    I followed up on your source and it appears Stephen Barrett MD may be a quack himself. There’s always two sides to every story.
    I know many people that have had great success with Essential Oils, including my family and friends.

  20. houstononthemap says:

    check this link out on gary d yound the founder of this company


  21. dupedaloop says:

    I have used the oils for years, never made a penny. The people at the top are getting rich off the people at the bottom. In order to make money you have to order product every month convincing you that is how you make money. the little guy goes broke buying this overpriced oil. Don’t order every month? they will move you in their pyramid and replace you with new money makers for their personal gain. they are very convincing. multi level money marketing is just another word for pyramid!

  22. ashleyandlee says:

    Great video! I making handmade natural soaps and am going to check out some of your essential oils!

  23. barefootmusician says:

    Have you ever tried ANY of their oils though?

  24. tumbabrazo53 says:

    Of course! They are taking advantage of the worlwide movement to natural healing and like all pyramidal schemes, their principal business is the recruitment of a sales force, not the delivery of a quality product. Their oils have been tested thru gas chromatography and found to be adultered. Please do not take my word for it but read the information available at the NAHA and ARC websites where they declere YL oils and RT as unsafe practices.

  25. barefootmusician says:

    Great Video for a Great Company. These oils really work! Try peppermint for a headache or stomach ache or cold and you’ll see. People who post negative comments need to try it first!

  26. yuritim says:

    Too much French Horn music makes this sound like a Harrison Ford presidential thriller movie.

  27. mdjidara says:

    wow this is really nice to see :)

  28. belovedideas says:

    I use Pan Away on my knee, Di-Gize on my belly and Gratitude on my heart! I love these oils!

  29. earthliv says:

    Thanks so much for presenting this video. Young Living is one of the BEST resources on Earth for evolution of natural healing and optimism.

  30. bluelion4444 says:


  31. AylaCale says:

    Awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing. May I ask what the name of the song is?

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