Tuesday, January 23, 2018


20 Responses to “Woodland Herbal 1 Rendering Essential Oils”
  1. BigWheelaCatPeelaYea says:

    @VindictiveValroze I think he confused masticate with macerate.

  2. VindictiveValroze says:

    @lesrap Yeah…like when he uses “macerate” , which means “to steep in a liquid until soft”, instead of “mash”, which is what he’s actually doing….

  3. mofoCutThroat says:

    With a few more considerations, this same set up could be used for distilling rosewater, hard liquor, etc.

    I’ve been enjoying your videos all day.

  4. lesrap says:

    and “convex”

  5. lesrap says:

    i love when he uses those big words like “masserate”

  6. Roln99 says:

    Is it practical to cook with essential oils like what you produced?

  7. thebhartman says:

    It’s pronounced that way by most people I know from the states. But everyone I’ve met in the U.K. (including me) says it with the ‘H’ sound.

  8. jhana1980 says:

    There’s various ways to pronounce it.

  9. crossvain12 says:

    Love the vids man…..

    BTW I’m pretty sure the “H” in “Herb” is silent…
    pronounced more like erb or urb…. could be wrong though ^^

    keep up the good work

  10. vanrickenstien says:

    very true!

  11. Hefferman1 says:

    Nice job man. I really like the cooking pot you use. I’ll be looking for a convex lid on my next cooking pot.

  12. icychap says:

    What a phenomenal video. This is useful obviously in the wilderness, but at home too! Thanks for sharing the valuable information. As always, great job.

  13. dreamthinker79 says:

    IMO, your a saint, your changing the world, one vid, and one person at a time

  14. rampagetv says:

    xD lol

  15. YllwNinja says:

    bye bye vampires

  16. llshamelessll says:

    another awesome vid dave, good job bro
    the local sasquatch is gonna think your cooking pizza

  17. bill00337 says:

    You are a movie making monster. Keep up the info push, Brother. We are all getting smarter one vid at a time. Thanx

  18. blamshiza says:


  19. Diopterman says:

    Great stuff!

    Thanks for the education!

  20. bigjohn20081983 says:

    good job as usual

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