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Weight Loss by Inhaling Essential Oil of Peppermint

September 19, 2010 by aromatherapymaster guest  
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There are many studies that have been done on weight loss and inhaling peppermint. Here is a quick video showing you how to make your own peppermint inhaler with **Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils** (you DO NOT want perfume grade oils for this or anything for helping the body). The best essential oils on the market are Young Living and you can get them at this link:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A clip talking about some of the differences between essential oil and fragrance oil in cold process soap making. Below are a couple of links that I mention in the video. There are many, many companies on the internet where you can buy fragrances and essential oil. Check out many before making a decision on who to buy from. Make sure that the “fragrance” you buy is compatible with your cold process soap. Melt and pour and milled soaps are not as fussy when it comes to adding scent. If you find something interesting out there send me a message. By the way you may want to check I have seen some really good products being sold there for excellent prices. One more thing, make sure you are buying from somebody reputable. www.perfumeflavorist.comWelcome to Soap Academy About Me: Hi my name is Brett Thomas and I have been making soap for over 16 years. In that time I have made several hundred thousand pounds of soap from scratch, and all by hand! That is a lot of soap! I spent many years just perfecting the soap making process as well as my own personal skills. It is my intention to teach you how to make soap. I will share all of my thoughts, tips, tricks, techniques, and skills. I hope my videos will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration. I have been working on a complete soap making book for several years and it will be published in 2011. I learned the soap making art through mainly trial and error

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9 Responses to “Weight Loss by Inhaling Essential Oil of Peppermint”
  1. iTzGalaxy359 says:

    try out aromago .. thier revive has peppermint oil.. its great

  2. HolisticJoe says:

    Hi, Marilee. Great job with this video and you LOOK GREAT!

    I particularly enjoyed how you set-up the inhaler. I’ve been using them for years and never thought of placing it vertically in the end cap, as you did. I’m going to circulate this to others. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    – Holistic Joe

  3. SoapAcademy says:

    @melrose795 ….I agree! And thanks! :)

  4. SoapAcademy says:

    @melrose795 …Thanks for the tip. I registered and am waiting to be accepted into the club. LOL. Can’t wait to see the forum, and what people are saying.

  5. melrose795 says:

    The soapscent review board. Great site for rating Fragrance oils for how they perform in CP soap.. Also rates the companies themselves.. Check it out!

  6. melrose795 says:

    Great video. definitely find that Patchouli lasts well in CP soap. I suppose,since it’s a base note, and is why it helps to anchor othe lighter scents or top notes, like citrus, etc. Great adviceabout shying away from Fragrance oils if just starting out. Yeah, some Frag. oils will thicken up the soap batter BIG TIME when you add it and will turn to “soap on a stick” lol and you will ruin your liquid texture and have to glop it in the mold! lol (Been there, done that, hehe). Continued.

  7. SoapAcademy says:

    @mukwah1111 ….Me, I really love the single notes. I do love blends, but nothing like smelling the straight oil of spearmint for example.

  8. SoapAcademy says:

    @mukwah1111 ….It was a fairly recent discovery of mine. I mean how many hours upon hours have I spent walking around home depot and the whole time they had essential oil right under my nose. I have a feeling they are going to start selling a lot of turpentine!

  9. mukwah1111 says:

    Great info video ….Turpentine being pure pine scent is a duh moment for me…of course…….I should have known. I personally like a fragrance that is almost complicated in scent…..not a flat single note eg Cherry……to me it’s boring & uninspiring if it doesnt make my nose travel around in the scent …asking what it is… that probably sounds goofy but its true. Thanks for sharing this infor with us. Its appreciated. All the best

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