Friday, January 19, 2018

Vanilla and Honey Face Scrub Recipe

1 part runny honey 2 parts lemon juice 1 drop vanilla extract 1 drop essential oil (optional) Tea tree is good for blemishes, rose for calming and sensitivity. 1 dash olive oil 3 parts granulated sugar It is very important to do a sensitivity patch test, I use this on my skin so I have no idea how it will affect you so always be careful. If you’d like to know more about a simple face routine using natural products, check out my blog!

Think of your body products as food, because that’s what they are! What’s going on your skin is going in your body. Learn how to make your own papaya body polisher using sea salt, walnuts, papaya, orange essential oil, vanilla essential oil, vanilla extract, and olive oil!
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26 Responses to “Vanilla and Honey Face Scrub Recipe”
  1. Fymhrisfawr says:

    Since everyones skin is different, any reaction would differ from person to person, too.
    Maybe nothing happens, maybe sunblockers help.
    It should probably be enough not to go out into the direct sun (especially mid-day sun, since it is the strongest) right after you have used it. Not sure where the line is, really, youd have to test it to be sure.
    In herbs, St. Johns Worth definitely heightens your photosensitivity if consumed on a regular basis.

  2. beautifullll00 says:

    what does the vanilla do 2 ur face? what’s the benefits??

  3. clairemcfarline says:

    Love it.. going to try this when i get home.. i love making my own scrubs!! Keep them coming…. <3

  4. NREnger says:

    Always looking for natural face recipe thankyou!!

  5. mooneyes89 says:


    Does any one happen to know the spf that will stop tanning? or how long you can be in the sun without any effect on color?

  6. Fymhrisfawr says:

    Thanks for the recipe, I’ll give it a go in the next few days.
    For the body I sometimes use a combination of sugar and salt mixed with cream. It is quite strong, so it shouldn’t be used after epilation/shaving (rather before), and afterwards you should moisturize well .

  7. Fymhrisfawr says:

    All citrus-type fruits, and especially their essential oils cause a temporary photosensitivity.
    If you apply these to your skin and then go out in the sun, your skin may react strongly to the sunlight, thus darkening (or even burning) your skin. And that usually looks darker.
    So it’s actually the combination of lemon juice/oil and sunlight.

  8. carolinebarbara says:

    youre skin started flaking because lemon is a natural AHA acid and it broke the bonds in your dead skin layer so it is accually good as it helped shedding of a already dead skin.

  9. icecoldlily says:

    @LalithaSr OK thanks :) I have oily skin, but it’s v. dry in places so I might give it a miss, or just leave out the lemon :)

  10. LalithaSr says:

    @icecoldlily yeah it will sting, but lemon is only meant for oily skin, if you have dry skin dont use lemon..i did and it started flaking my skin really badly, but the other things are good

  11. Anay0007 says:

    hey jasmine, i use this scrub but i only use honey, olive oil, lemon and sugar. i just went to your blog and it will so cool if you did a video for own home face spa! thanks so much for the videos.

  12. sistianatube says:

    you know I love LUSH and I love this recipe! I do a hand scrub with olive oil and salt and it really works. on the body too, but not on the face! anyways I love this!

  13. charminglayla says:

    actually i was looking for a facial scrub, nothing better than using the ingridients in the kitchen, thanks for the recipe :)

  14. mooneyes89 says:

    How can lemon juice darken your skin???!!!!

  15. mooneyes89 says:

    What does the vanilla do for the skin?

  16. luciduschick says:

    Juicing tip: To get more juice you can microwave the lemon for a few seconds or roll it against the counter before cutting.

  17. StoliDassah says:

    neat! may give this a go.

  18. gerribear87 says:

    Lovely lemon technique. This looks so easy, and I am really keen to try it.

  19. nomadfae says:

    I love this. I already have so many pre-fab scrubs, but I feel like trying this one this weekend. thanks for this. peace!

  20. LoriFLA says:

    Love it! Wonderful!

  21. Cissannn95 says:

    Wow, ;)

  22. icecoldlily says:

    @4countrygal4 I didn’t mean for it to sound negative or anything, I just wanted to ask so I would know beforehand. :)

  23. 4countrygal4 says:

    @icecoldlily yeah… so?

  24. 4countrygal4 says:

    Great! Thanks!

  25. rmbb10 says:

    Good recipie.

  26. HealthyandBeautiful says:

    Great idea!

    I use pawpaw on my face, I just smear it on, let it dry and then wash it off, leaves the skin so fresh!

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