Friday, January 19, 2018

Using Young Living Essential Oils

How to use Young Living Essential Oils for natural wellness. Learn more at

How to tell real plant essential oils vs. synthetic, including Real vs. Synthetic Lavender Essential Oil 1. Greasy or non-penetrating = synthetic or cut with vegetable oil. Real plant essential oils are non-greasy and penetrate the skin within minutes. 2. Shelf life of only months or years = synthetic (fake) or cut with vegetable oil (which goes rancid). Real essential oils last a lifetime as long as they are kept out of direct sunlight / high heat. 3. Substantial evaporation or loss of smell when left open = synthetic (fake). The smell of real plant essential oils comes from aromatic plant alcohols and terpenoids, which are anti-oxidant and by definition, do not get weaker with exposure to oxygen… Part one of A-CAM’s Introduction to Essential Oils with Miguel A. Cisneros-Abreu of
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19 Responses to “Using Young Living Essential Oils”
  1. DelilahClark says:

    I am so excited to find these oils! I’ll be taking my first class in March in Nashville. I hope to become at least a SILVER MEMBER, not for the money, but as a healer:)

  2. shininglight777 says:

    It was amazing meeting Gary and Mary Young at the convention in Minneapolis this year, their dedication and integrity in their mission to bring this ancient healing knowledge back to humanity in this time of need shines through in everything they do and say. These oils are the highest quality, and more pure oils I have found on the market, and are the only oils I trust in or on my body, and my child’s body. The oils have changed my life physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thank YOU God

  3. afmom828 says:

    I have tried these oils in the past year. Lavender and peppermint and now my shelf has about 20 oils on it. Thieves is awsome. Looking for video on thieves.

  4. belovedideas says:

    I LOVE these oils. I recommend the Di-Gize for digestive healing. I use the Pan Away on my knees and it’s great for relieving pain and inflammation. I put this video on my blog today so my readers can learn how to use them! (TheSkinnyOnline) Thank you!

  5. oilgoil says:

    Actually there is quite a bit of substantial proof. Most recently, Young Living’s frankincense oil was used in an independent study out of Oklahoma proving that frankincense oil killed bladder cancer cells. Young Living’s proprietary Thieves oil has been proven to kill toxic mold, among other pathogens.

  6. afmom828 says:

    I have looked in other stores and nothing is as pure as young living. I tried another lemon oil and it burned my mouth. I also find 99% in stores are not for internal use. I trust young living.

  7. st762410 says:

    if people who are trying them like it, then leave them alone. nobody is forcing these people to take them. they obviously take them cause it works. no one in their right mind would continue to spend money on anything if it doesnt work. hellooooo…….

  8. debbysean says:

    THAT is so not true. You cannot got the purity and unadulterated oils that Young Living produces from a health food store… unless they sell Young Living!

  9. reikimasters says:

    These oils are wonderful, and the products DO work. Diffuse the oils-they are awesome, theraputic and lift the spirits!

  10. sharingoils says:

    No you can’t buy these oils at any health food store. Have you ever looked at the ingredients at the store bought oils? They have additives.

    Too bad you dont’ believe in the real oils that can change your life.

  11. TysonSSG says:

    I had PTSD after coming home from Iraq and couldn’t sleep these helped me out alot, I can sleep again and I work out harder then ever when I am in the Gym. And I am even making some money at it now…this company is great.

  12. 23446 says:

    no they really work, at first I didn’t think they could help either,but they do just give them a try before writing them off

  13. ladielynne says:

    It is so sad that people must post comments with no first hand experience. Pyramid scheme? Isn’t that about any job that exists? How does that describe the quality of oils and no you can’t get them anywhere. I’ve been to the farms, tried other oils and used these oils to heal myself and my daughter. I would NOT TRUST ANYONE else’s oils. Besides if there is a lot of negative without backup then it must be just talk not truth.

  14. junkdatfunk says:

    This is just like any other pyramid scheme. There is no real proof that these really work. You can buy high-quality essential oils at any heath food store.

  15. ksw5477 says:

    In my experience of over six years, this is life changing. I am healthier phsically, spiritually, emotionally and financially due to Young Living. The oils are amazing on so many levels! For anyone with a negative take on this, my recommendation as a health professional and a fellow human on the planet is: Open your mind and your heart to what your Creator has provided and don’t knock what you haven’t tried.
    With Afnor and ISO standards, this company has done it’s homework.

  16. YLsuccess says:

    Great summary of the oils. Perfect for curious people who want to learn more.

  17. afmom828 says:

    I want to learn from you please send me email .

  18. mdjidara says:

    Thank ’s a lot! Can you please tell me which oils you use and where can I buy them?

  19. jackmac401 says:

    This really helped me. Thank you!

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