Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Story of Oils – The Oil Cleansing Method Tutorial – Essential Oil Skin Care Remedies Tutorial

Here to unveil the truth about oils. There’s a big difference between mineral/paraffin oil which is commonly used in our commercial skincare/makeup and oils that are plant derived such as cold pressed plant oils which retains all its beautiful benefits, as well plant essential oils; potent herbal oils with a major kick of benefits. I wanted to demonstrate to you an easy way of taking care of your skin, and hopefully spark some curiosity for the ever present world of natural skin care and remedies. Everything we need is from mother nature. Much Love and Namaste A TIP FOR THE OIL CLEANSING METHOD: Because the castor oil is powerful at cleansing, you may benefit from using this every other day, or every two days. Because it works throughout the day, I always see the results of the OCM the day after I use it; oil plugs and impurities can be seen “emerged” to the surface, it really is quite amazing! Remember, everyone’s skin is different so adjust your ratios accordingly. I hope it works for you as it has worked for me.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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22 Responses to “The Story of Oils – The Oil Cleansing Method Tutorial – Essential Oil Skin Care Remedies Tutorial”
  1. Sandy33569 says:

    @feirychaRstaRs Thanks for your reply! I have found places online to buy them, but I’ll be looking into finding stores around here that carry them so I can get started and get familiar with different brands and oils. =D

  2. feirychaRstaRs says:

    @Sandy33569 Essential oils are fairly inexpensive especially when compared to OTC skincare products. They’re found in specialized organic/health food stores, so mostlikely the health clerk will be able to tell you a bit about the products. You can research the companies online too prior but I’m confident they have our health in mind. Buy small to test them out, and if you like the brand you can get the larger bottles. I’m excited for you! It’s easy and fun! good luck =)

  3. Sandy33569 says:

    I have been planning on using this method for some time now along with other methods of using essential/carrier oils and things we find in our own homes to use on my face and I’ll be starting soon to make my own skin care products =D

    I do have a question. Where do you obtain your essential oils? Are they a reasonable price? Does quality matter of the oils for skin care? (I’ve read it matters for aromatherapy but hints on that it doesn’t matter as much for skincare, but not sure). Thanks!

  4. lamb7 says:

    It works. :) I’ll never use a commercial face cleansing or moisturizing product again.

  5. feirychaRstaRs says:

    @idxxoutoftheblue Thank you =) I would do 20% castor oil with 80% olive oil. That works great for me. Don’t do it every day as it may get drying because the castor works throughout the night/day. You can at the beginning, but you will know when it is time to do it every other day. =) Hope that helps!

  6. feirychaRstaRs says:

    @Jessie3000 Thank you. I’m glad you are too =) Don’t worry, I have a feeling that very soon, more people will. it is inevitable ^_^ Have a good day!

  7. idxxoutoftheblue says:

    Great video =)
    What type of oil do you recommend to use for oily skin?

  8. Jessie3000 says:

    “Everything we need is from Mother Nature” I live by this motto :) And I wish more people did. So happy I found your videos! x

  9. viktoriast22 says:

    @PeaceUdo btw Argan oil is great for hair. It gives hair a great texture and makes it very manageable.I have a quite long hair and love it .Not only that it is good for hair and skin but it is very economical too a little goes a long way.

  10. viktoriast22 says:

    @PeaceUdo Do you mean Argan oil? I like argan oil as well.It is a good oil esp for dry skin.
    By healing I mean calming down the inflamation on my chin and around my nose. Apart from that I dont ever get cystic acne on my chin and forehead.And I used to have quite an issue with it.

  11. feirychaRstaRs says:

    @PeaceUdo i have never tried morocco oil. I will read up on it, sounds very intriguing and healthy!

  12. feirychaRstaRs says:

    @viktoriast22 that’s great! coconut oil is wonderful. i use it after my shower before drying off. it really seals in the moisture =) i’m glad rosehip oil is working for you too!! Thanks viktoria =)

  13. feirychaRstaRs says:

    @JasonTimCole i appreciate your constant support and constructive criticism. =)

  14. feirychaRstaRs says:

    @MissMorenaMatulau ofcourse, i’m glad it helped (=

  15. feirychaRstaRs says:

    @Svetylicious You’re welcome, my purpose is fulfilled =D

  16. feirychaRstaRs says:

    @PeaceUdo Definately! thanks for the tip =) Be prepared of it’s astringent qualities so if you feel a bit of a sting that’s ok =) Also it lightens the skin !

  17. PeaceUdo says:

    @viktoriast22 What have you noticed? I love Morocco oil. It makes my skin incredibly soft. As far as healing, I don’t know.

  18. PeaceUdo says:

    Very good video!! I recommend adding lemon oil (a drop or two) if you are having breakout problems.

  19. Svetylicious says:

    I learnt so much from this, thankyou Charlotte !! xx

  20. MissMorenaMatulau says:

    good to know, thx for sharing!

  21. JasonTimCole says:

    Wow! Awesome video. Very well put together, and very informative! I’m blown away!

  22. viktoriast22 says:

    Great!I really love ur video as well as the oil cleansing method….I usually do it with coconut oil and it works great!
    BTW Rosehipoil is my moisturizer…and Ive tried a lot and nothing has worked as good…in healing my skin!:)

    best wishes,
    for the sake of beautiful skin:)

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