Monday, December 18, 2017

The Products I Use From Head To Toe

Skin Deep Cosmetics Safety Database Jason Shampoo & Conditioner~Nature’s Gate Revitalizing Conditioner~Giovanni Organic Hair Care~Avalon Organics Refreshing Cleasing Gel~ Avalon Organics Balancing Facial Toner~ Alavon Organics Daily Mosturizer~Fallene Cotz Sun Screen~Burts Bees Chemical -Free Sunscreen~Burts Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser~100% Pure Body Wash~ 100% Pure Body Scub~100% Pure Body Lotion~ Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap~Yes To Carrots Body Butter~Alba Sea Salt Body Scrub~Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Mineral Bath

Just my two cents on hair care Products Mentioned: Tressemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray John Frieda Weather Works by Frizz Ease Weather Proofing Daily Shampoo VO5 Strengthening Shampoo With Antioxidant Pomegranate and Grapeseed Extract Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner in Eucalypus Spearmint Chi 44 Iron Guard Chi Infra Shampoo Chi Infra Treatment Chi Silk Infusion
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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27 Responses to “The Products I Use From Head To Toe”
  1. LovePeaceandLipGloss says:

    @AzulDiamond93 Maybe because I put it on when I got home before I made this vid, smart guy. Lmao!

  2. AzulDiamond93 says:


  3. specialchannel says:

    yay thanks i looked of my soap and got a 0 so its perfect :D

  4. PurpleCrownPrincess says:

    @mmg378 I have it too. I also have their shampoo and conditioner. They’re alright.

  5. TheHappyS1 says:

    You can buy most products at iherb com.
    Use the code SAB687 to get $5 off and free shipping for orders over $40

  6. daisylocust says:

    ohhh i loooove that body butter mmmmmmmmmmm smells soooo good! and i love their lip tints with spf

  7. StopDomViolence says:

    Oh your welcome, thanks again for the vid. Your a beautiful lady! Blessings! :)

  8. LovePeaceandLipGloss says:

    @StopDomViolence Thank you so much! xxG

  9. StopDomViolence says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I have recently began using most of these products in your vid. I love the Giovanni, Jason’s, and Natures Gate. My hair has been so much better since I stopped the sulfates and silicones. Love your channel, Be Blessed! :)

  10. LovePeaceandLipGloss says:

    @cooliohoolio92 Thank you! Hugs to you and mama! xxG

  11. cooliohoolio92 says:

    My mom turned me on to you. I love all your videos! Your so sweet and adorable!

  12. LovePeaceandLipGloss says:

    @mmg378 We are a perfect match cos I put laundry off to make vids, lol. Thanks hon! xxG

  13. mmg378 says:

    WOW….thank you thank you thank you for the suggestion of the Yes to Carrots body butter. It is absolutely amazing! Love the texture. Love the hydration of it. LOVE the smell. By the way…. I’m new to your videos and I’m becoming a huge follower. I’m a mother of 3 myself who often puts off laundry to watch your vids.
    - Marissa -

  14. LovePeaceandLipGloss says:

    Thank you sweetie! xG

  15. LovePeaceandLipGloss says:

    It doesn’t work at all in my hair but I use it on my kids, I love it for their kind of hair. Thanks! xxG

  16. abductedbyaliens8892 says:

    have you ever tryed the carrots shampoo and conditioner at walgreens, smells great, and leaves hair healthy.

  17. abductedbyaliens8892 says:

    love all your videos, your a nice person, i love your pets, cute, especially your cat, i love cats…

  18. LovePeaceandLipGloss says:

    Yes! I use the mild baby one, love it!! Thank you!! xxG

  19. mimzywhimzy says:

    have you ever tried Dr. Bronner’s pure castille soap? it’s AMAZING and u can use it for soooooo many different things. it comes in a few flavors but my fave is the peppermint. Really, really nice stuff, and biodegradeable too. I’ve seen it at random Walmarts but I usually get mine at Trader Joe’s.

  20. LovePeaceandLipGloss says:

    It’s everywhere~ Ulta, Target, Whole Foods, most grocery stores. The prices vary ~ its somewhere around 10 dollars.

  21. BRONXPEPE says:

    where did u buy the avalon organics i seen it also in ur makeup collection video and i want to buy the product to see how well it works for my skin and if u remember the price thanx

  22. cassandrasmom says:

    ooooh…I’ll have to check out their website. I went on ebay and there’s a bunch there too, and not too badly priced either. I got a pair of earrings for $5.55
    Thanks for the info hun! xoxoSara

  23. LovePeaceandLipGloss says:

    I order it online at their web site or I just go to their store. In the store they do have a clearance section~ thats always nice! xxG

  24. cassandrasmom says:

    Hey Gina, where do you get your brighton jewelry?? I’ve seen so many websites, including QVC…. any ideas where to get the best deal?? Thanks doll! xoxoxoSara

  25. LovePeaceandLipGloss says:

    Thats very sweet of you~ thank you! xxG

  26. oddfud says:

    Well, lots of things are “bad for you.” it all depends on how much you use them. I do hear you, though. VO5 contains sodium lauryl sulfate AND sodium laureth sulfate, which can be drying, but are also bad for the environment, so I am trying to cut back. Something about the scent conjures up memories for me, though..

  27. DzenanaLovesYou says:

    vo5 is bad for your hairrrr.

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