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Soap Queen TV Episode 1: Fragrance and Essential oils

August 27, 2010 by aromatherapymaster guest  
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The first video in our Melt & Pour soapmaking series features Anne-Marie demonstrating the basics of making soap. In this episode the Soap Queen explains the difference between fragrance and essential oils and demonstrates the fundamental components of making a bar of melt & pour soap. Are you a blogger? Please feel free to embed this video on your blog. If you need any help just let us know! Anne-Marie Faiola is the owner of Bramble Berry, author of Soap Queen Blog http and developer of Teach Soap Music is by the PsyWoofers and the song title is Dancing 4 Joy All of the supplies used can be purchased at http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Soap Queen TV Episode 1: Fragrance and Essential oils”
  1. soapqueentv says:

    @flipthecoin888 Bramble Berry sells soap bases in quantities as small as 1 pound. Sounds like you were just looking at the bulk soap base page. We have way more soap bases than that! :)
    How many soaps you can make depends on the size of your mold. For instance, if you have a 4 ounce mold you will be able to make 100 bars of soap from 25 pounds of soap. (25lbs x16 oz) รท 4oz = 100 bars

  2. flipthecoin888 says:

    I have a question, hope you can answer Soap Queen! :)

    How many soaps can 25 lbs of M&P make? I notice that’s the minimum in the website. Im looking into making around 70 square bars. :)

  3. soapqueentv says:

    @xoMorbidAngelox You might try using a Melt & Pour base that is specifically formulated to give extra lather. Bramble Berry carries one called shaving soap and it uses castor oil – an all natural lather booster. Also be sure you aren’t adding any extra oils or butters, those can significantly decrease lather in soap. Some people like to add SLS to increase lather – but I haven’t had much luck with that myself. Happy Soaping!

  4. xoMorbidAngelox says:

    i tried posting this earlier not sure if it worked buttt…. i need a suggestion … i have been playing around with melt and pour soap… a few people i have given my creations to to try say that the soap doesnt lather as much as they would like :( any suggestions????

  5. soapqueentv says:

    @msanjanetta It sounds like the base could be old. You could try remelting it and adding some extra glycerin to help with the texture. The soap is still safe to use though.

  6. msanjanetta says:

    i used a melt and pour Olive oil soap base from Michaels and added apricot seeds to it as well as some peach fragrance. but my soaps turned our very rubbery. Has this ever happened to u.. can you tell me why and what I can do different.

  7. soapqueentv says:

    @rabbiaj It depends on what bases you use. Bramble Berry posts all of the ingredients for each base we sell so you can see for yourself. None of our bases use animal fats – but some do contain milk or honey. So although they would all be considered vegetarian they wouldn’t all be considered vegan. Hope that helps!

  8. rabbiaj says:

    do you know if the melt and pour soaps are vegeterian? thanks

  9. soapqueentv says:

    @ju1850 You can try adding more fragrance oil to your soap. But since it’s soap it is designed to rinse off. So maybe a better solution is to make a lotion using the same fragrance and then use it after washing your hands!

  10. soapqueentv says:

    @akSmmB17 some people do call melt & pour soap ‘glycerin soap’. If it melts down easily and sets back up in few hours it is probably the same thing.

  11. akSmmB17 says:

    is soap base the same thing as glycerin soap? because that is what i am using right now to make soap

  12. ju1850 says:

    Great vids! I am now making my own soaps , I have one question. I use oils to scent my soap , after I wash my hands the scent is gone. What can I do so that the scent can stick around?

  13. insanecaine says:

    You have a great speaking voice and inflection. Great job.

  14. midnitebenz says:

    I love all of your videos can you do a video on how to use Brambleberry sodium lauryl sulfate in soap bath bombs and anything ele it can be used for. Thank you.

  15. soapqueentv says:

    The melt & pour will always sort of solidify no matter what. For a soap that stays soft you will need a specially pre-made whipped base. We once carried a product called Foaming Bath Butter but had to discontinue it. You might do a search online – someone has to have it! :)

  16. ellejewell10 says:

    hi anne-marie thank you for replying I did find that tutorial which is what i am going to use for my cupcake soap but I am actually looking for a whipped soap that will stay soft and not harden on me. If i add distilled water and glycerin to the batch will i be able to achieve this or is it pretty much impossible as i dont want to loose my sudding action!

  17. soapqueentv says:

    I do have a tutorial on my blog – Soap Queen – for making a melt & pour frosting. It’s called Fluffy Frosted Soap. It’s kind of tricky in that it sets-up pretty quickly so you have to keep re-heating (or at least I did). It just uses liquid soap and M&P base and is very simple to whip up.
    Happy Soaping!

  18. ellejewell10 says:

    Hi, i am new to soap making and i am using melt and pour. I have searched everywhere for a recipe for whipped cream soap that uses melt and pour glycerin soap base. Is it possible to achieve this or do i have to buy a whipped soap base! Thanks

  19. soapqueentv says:

    I just got mine at a kitchen store. I love the Pyrex measuring cups because they can go in the microwave and the little pour spout makes for neater pouring.

  20. postcookee says:

    Anne Marie can you tell me where you bought or do you sell the large measuring cup you use in this Video???

  21. soapqueentv says:

    Hi! Thanks for your question. I find that mixing mica with rubbing alcohol really helps it to smoothly mix into the soap base. I show how to do this in ‘Episode 2 : Herbs and Colorants’ of the How to Make Melt & Pour Soap series.
    Happy Soaping!

  22. postcookee says:

    Love your Videos. I have never made Soap before.
    I placed an order with Brambleberry without any help except for watching your Videos.
    My question is??? I ordered Mica as a Colorant since I liked the color scope the best. Will I need to add anything to this Mica to dissolve before mixing into my melted M&P?

  23. soapqueentv says:

    @midnitebenz Hi! do you mean the IPM? Typically you use a product like that if you are making a perfume. You don’t need to use it to make soap because, as long as you stir well, the fragrance won’t separate. Hope this helps!

  24. midnitebenz says:

    i love the video!!! One question what is the use of the solubilizer that is on the website. It says it helps incorparate the oils ans smells better so they do not rise to the top yet you never used any in all your videos,is it really neccessary? or is it for candlemaking or some other cosmetic?Thank you for soap making advice I will be purchasing my soap supplies from you.

  25. MagStrekoza says:


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