Saturday, January 20, 2018


Marie Benard speaks with the co-founders of Saje Natural Wellness about aromatherapy, essential oils, natural healing and spirituality on Synchronicity
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Brigitte Mehr is better known as the owner and creator of http but what many people do not realise is that for the last 15 years she has been a very successful and highly sought after Complementary Therapist. Brigitte specialises in Reflexology, Massage, Hot Stones, Aromatherapy & Reiki Healing to name just a few of her skills. In this short video she demonstrates and explains how it is possible to treat tension headaches using a quick and simple hand reflexology technique or by using head massage. By using these quick and simple techniques it is possible to release some or all of the tension causing the pain without needing to resort to drugs or medication.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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19 Responses to “SajeInterview-Part2”
  1. TheDavidMasih says:

    how do you get rid of tense arms

  2. MusicListener4Ever says:

    This is marvelous! Both techniques really helped. Thank you so much for this video!

  3. jazziemine says:

    The head massage is brilliant, thankyou very much xx

  4. fear2regret says:

    yeah the head thing helped but i already knew about it xD
    i think the thumb thing only works because it’s distracting you from the real pain in your neck…

  5. jimmypmclean says:

    70% relief in 5 minutes. Thank’s

  6. 3ddy0thon says:

    i have had a constant headache for 3 days straight so far and i dont know what to do to make it stop i have tried asprin nothing seems to be working

  7. lullabybear21 says:

    this didnt work:(

  8. purplepick1 says:

    oh the head thing helped!

  9. TheSmackup says:

    that helped me a lot

  10. AddicedSniper says:

    @Allien06 same here

  11. Allien06 says:

    No ofense lady but ,now I got a thumb ache and a headache at the same time. :(

  12. Lanahelmore says:

    Brilliant – I will be showing this to my students who are about to start a Unit on Complementary Therapy :)

  13. awillowinthewind says:

    that is much help. more helpful than just looking at a book

  14. psstheyyou says:

    The fastest and most efficient way to get rid of a headache is to use a guillotine.

    The only problem with this form of treatment is that you need someone you can trust to put your severed head on ice until such time as you need it stitched back on your shoulders.

    So they have to be trustworthy and have good surgical skills and be able to knit rollneck sweaters.

    You might think this sounds crazy – but hey! – it works.

    And I always wear rollneck sweaters.


  15. courtzsinger2345 says:

    hey thank you sooo much bridget that should help me with this headache. i started this headache on 26th december this year and it has been 3 days now i got this headache. it’s like pressure in my head when i get up or cruch down. what kind of headache would that be Bridget? what can i do for it? shell i do the same thing that you showed on the video? thank you.

  16. Amandakage says:

    i have headaches constantly and very often i have migraines. While neither of these techniques completely got rid of my headache, both seemed to dull the pain. Any release is better than none. Thanks

  17. bamehr says:

    Thats great I am glad something helped

  18. duffman1221 says:

    i suffer from tension headaches all the time its horrible that thumb thing didnt work but the head thing helps

  19. benebyl says:

    Yes Brigitte i found this video very useful thanks, i usually do have tention headaches so i would try your techniques out and let you know how it made me feel.

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