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Putting Essential Oils in My Protein Shake

April 14, 2011 by aromatherapymaster guest  
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Don’t be so surprised! Yes – I’m drinking frankincense oil! Let me say right off the bat – . . .if you are operating under the “English Model” of Aromatherapy then you will be appalled at what I’m writing here. . . . . . because the English model of Aromatherapy dictates to never ingest an oil or use on the body neet (undiluted). There is truth to that – because if you are using a “perfume grade” essential oil (and many essential oils used under the English Model of Aromatherapy are perfume grade) you would not want to use on the body neet or ingest. However, when we move into the use of therapeutic grade essential oils (which you will find in the French and German models of Aromatherapy- and we lean towards those models in Young Living) where there are no additives, fixatives, or adulterations ~ then using the oils neet, or undiluted on the body (with the exception of a few ‘hot’ oils), is not a problem – and many of these oils can even be ingested. You might be saying “Well, who says?” And I can say to you “the FDA says!” For example – look at a bottle of Young Living’s Frankincense oil (which I’m going to show you on the video how I take drops of this internally). You will see on the label “Supplemental Facts”. This is the same Supplemental Facts type of label that you will find on boxes and cans of food in your grocery stores – mandated by the FDA! And here’s the real tip – you KNOW that an essential oil is extremely high quality and therapeutic grade if it has that

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4 Responses to “Putting Essential Oils in My Protein Shake”
  1. Brittaniramblings says:

    is that healthy?

  2. mentalozy says:

    Some people may be unaware they are sensitive to Limonene that’s found in Orange essential oil. Drinking a shake made with it could result in Anaphylaxis

  3. 1earlsgirl says:

    Also, with spring water (straight from the spring), prill beaded water in gallon glass jugs, or reverse osmosis water. Add a drop of Orange, Peppermint, and clove to a Large Glass of this water. Or, make your own uncarbonated coke soda by adding a drop or two of stevia. I discovered this by expermentation and was amazed. Much Love, Earl

  4. 1earlsgirl says:

    Thank you. Will try. I am detoxing the energy from today out. We didn’t do the consumer insanity today and worse, I was really honest about my thoughts and feelings to my in-laws. I shared real love in a situation at the in-laws that was made for imitation and parody love. Wow, what an experience.

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