Monday, December 18, 2017

October Fav’s !

December 26, 2010 by aromatherapymaster guest  
Filed under Aromatherapy Products

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25 Responses to “October Fav’s !”
  1. ciaoobelllaxo says:

    @icingjlc awh! thank you!! :)

  2. icingjlc says:

    aw your so pretty! im loving your videos! im so glad to find someone who uses drugstore makeup! as do i :) your awesome! keep it up!

  3. AlisAccessories says:

    I love your videos but Maybelline tests on animals :/

  4. KaylaCosmetics says:

    I love that Palmers Swivel Stick. It’s great.

  5. ILovebeautyVids says:

    those earrings are sooo cute!! :)
    love your nails also..
    & I’ve been thinking about trying the Pantene Beautiful Lengths line :)

  6. mileyrocks15 says:

    @ciaoobelllaxo ;
    yuur very welcome .
    keep up thee AMAZING work .

  7. VeeeX0X0 says:

    sounds like sweet & sassy is kind of like libby lou even though all of those closed down… it was so cute!

  8. Rabhaf24 says:

    @ciaoobelllaxo ohh how cutee(: how would u pronounce it? and can u do a hair tutorial where u show us how to make a hair bunn or like ur hair in ur foundation routine i love messy bunss!!

  9. ciaoobelllaxo says:

    @Rabhaf24 : hahah awh thankss, well it means hello beautiful in italian.. and it was my screename and email for like ever and i just love it cause i’m italian and when i went to italy that’s what the italians always say to the girls. & since this is a beauty channel i thought it was the perfect name.

  10. Rabhaf24 says:

    i love youuu(: and what inspired u for your username??

  11. ciaoobelllaxo says:

    @MrsFurballButterfly : I love the gel liner.. not the brush that comes with it too much but i bought another eyeliner brush from sonia kashuk and fell in love with the way it applied ! & thank youu! :D

  12. ciaoobelllaxo says:

    @mileyrocks15 : thank you sweeeetie <3

  13. mileyrocks15 says:

    yuu are amazinqq Megan . <33
    lovee yuu .

  14. MrsFurballButterfly says:

    I just started using gel liner too, it is really great, hadn’t tried it before. Great favorites.
    So cute that you took the candle from your mom, I do that to my mom too, and she doesn’t live with me. lol!!!

  15. ciaoobelllaxo says:

    @purseaddict0714 : Honestly I like to make it easier for you guys, and sometimes drugstore makeup is too expensive for me ! Once I get into the beauty career and such and making more money i’ll consider getting more into buying mac and stuff. But i’m always looking for similar products of those pro. cosmetics. & thank you for your sweet comments :) I have always loved the CG lashblast, but I am on the search for something a little better.. I’m thinking of trying the million lashes.

  16. ciaoobelllaxo says:

    @MomNbeauty : hahaha , thank youuu

  17. ciaoobelllaxo says:

    @whatchusay4 : awh thank youuu, im glad :D

  18. ciaoobelllaxo says:

    @8544danielle : hahah thanks :D

  19. ciaoobelllaxo says:

    @imanibeauty : thank you !

  20. ciaoobelllaxo says:

    @exxxtreeeme : omg I know hahah.

  21. purseaddict0714 says:

    omg thnx u! every guru uses the most expensive products!!! most teenage girls can not afford them. Your make up is right in my price range. thank you soo much!!! your eyes are soo pretty. wat is ur favorite masacara? i am looking for a good mascara

  22. MomNbeauty says:

    I wipe my hair back and forth I wipe my hair back and forth…lol loves it :) …o and darlin u pronounce it you-ka-lip-tis lol :)

  23. 33jazzygirl says:

    cute shirt

  24. whatchusay4 says:

    we all love you meg!

  25. xoxonewmissbeauty says:

    u look so beautfiful!!

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