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***My essential oil collection***

September 2, 2010 by aromatherapymaster guest  
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Rising my frequency everyday! These oils have the versatility to meet my everyday needs. Air Purification, Fragrance, Aromatherapy, First Aid, Cleaning and Cooking! *Frankincense *Lemon *Peppermint *Lavender *Thieves *Purification *PanAway *Valor

Kenneth Gardner explains how you can use your therapeutic grade Young Living Lemon essential oil, which is one of the 9 “Everyday Oils”. I’m Kenneth Gardner, and I’ve been using the Young Living products, and I love what they do for me. Believe it or not, I am almost 50 years old, and the thing I love about the Young Living essential oils is the physical and emotional benefits that they provide. Today, what I’d like to talk to you about is the Lemon essential oil, how I use it and many other ways that you can use it. Lemon essential oil is known to be a powerful antioxidant and immune stimulant, and you can get those benefits simply by adding it to your water, and that will flavor the water and give you those benefits. Another way you could take it internally is by putting some in a capsule from Young Living. You could put a few drops in a capsule, playing with the amount, and simply swallow it. Lemon essential oil is not the same as lemon juice. Lemon oil is made from the rind. Nevertheless, it could be used in cooking for seasoning and for flavoring in baking. You could put it in other beverages and even make your own lemonade with a few drops of lemon oil plus water and sweetener, playing with the amounts. There’s a trick with Lemon essential oil to extend the shelf life of your fruits, and that is to wash your fruit and then dunk them in a bowl of water that has drops of lemon oil in it. Lemon essential oil would be good to diffuse in your

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9 Responses to “***My essential oil collection***”
  1. ladyvm123 says:

    Thanks for the info on essential oils could you tell me where you purchased the diffuser.

  2. shaggylocs7 says:

    5 stars^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  3. Spiritree41 says:

    Where can I find these oils? I know its got to be a special kind due to the fact that they can be ingested. Great video…

  4. SilverButterflyWings says:

    cool video, lol at your dad, they never admit to anything x x

  5. anais8790 says:

    I love the oils too! My mom and I signed up at a Yoga conference this past May. I use the frankinsence for yoga and mediation, and the lavender just to relax. I am gong to experiment with more of the oils. That is a good idea to make a spritz for the hair. I have sisterlocks too!

  6. S0ulBeing says:

    Thank you!

  7. vgreenlpn says:

    i really love your hair xoxox

  8. godintelligence says:

    Hmmm, thats real interesting. You make me really want to get one. great video.

  9. guysguy99 says:

    I would never have dreamed that lemon oil was so useful! Thanks for the information, Kenneth!

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