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Making a Cologne with Essential Oils (Part 1 of 2)

September 4, 2010 by aromatherapymaster guest  
Filed under Aromatherapy Products

Herbalist demonstrates how to make a cologne using essential oils
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Making a Cologne with Essential Oils (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. HerbsPlusBeadWorks says:

    @lawfour there are 2 frames of thought on this
    some say blend the oils and allow to set for a week because this will give the essentialm oils time to mix —another is that it will as well and maybe alter it in a different way—either way I have found work—and you get a different effect as well with the different combos and sometimes you cannot replicate what you did the first time
    SO explore and expand and do not get caught up on being restricted—use common sense and explore

  2. TheNaturalWoman says:

    @HerbsPlusBeadWorks I couldn’t agree more friend. Thanks.

  3. lawfour says:

    Thanks for responding one more thing I actually was hoping to create my own fragrance won’t that mean i will have to mix quite a few oils together to get a different scent and if 1 drop is enough and I am using a carrier oil would it be best to mix the essential oils together first then add a carrier oil. On another subject I been watching your other video and they are great, u made me want to get a juicer to make my own juices. I look forward to watch the other videos. Thanks for taking

  4. HerbsPlusBeadWorks says:

    @lawfour Hi
    Depends what you are trying to achieve —some aromaterhaapist will put in a few or alot depending again what the condition is—just as a cologne usually 3 is adequate —sometimes one is—it again depends on the issues and what you are trying to achieve

  5. lawfour says:

    Hi when making your own fragrance with essential oils how many is best to use. Thanks

  6. HerbsPlusBeadWorks says:

    @TheNaturalWoman — remember –it is your house ( body) you are protecting and covering—so do what works and if others cannot handle it—they will either grow or you will move one—either way it is a development and a evolving in learning

  7. HerbsPlusBeadWorks says:

    @TheNaturalWoman get the Book –The Practice of Aromatherapy By Jean Valnet
    I think in my humble opinion this is the guid everyone should have in there posession if you want to really get on with learning about true use of essential oils –SO far I have not found anything remotely close to this Book

  8. TheNaturalWoman says:

    After learning about the “secret” (toxic) ingredients of commercial fragrance, I’m out to learn everything I can about making my own scents.

    Some people are put off by natural scents because they are used to the smell of commercial store-brought fragrances.

    Thanks for the upload.

  9. HerbsPlusBeadWorks says:

    @manuelpicazojr why would it be illegal???haha
    unless you are using materials not accepted by crooked politicians ahah
    how you do things is your affair—-I sell my own and label it myself
    if you have people asking for your stuff and you make it for them would it not be the same as baking a cake for someome if the ask—now again it all depends where you live as well on how you do business

  10. manuelpicazojr says:

    hi i love learning about the making of cologne and i find thats your vid has been the most ed info of all. i like how you keep it plain and simple. when i make my own is it illegal to sell on streets and lable it my self?

  11. HerbsPlusBeadWorks says:

    @jamesmills51 ok—-well let’s all hope we develop the genious in each other

  12. jamesmills51 says:

    In responce to jardidge…there is an oldsaying live and. learn or stay stupid and die. Peace and love

  13. HerbsPlusBeadWorks says:

    @lavendderrable No worries
    the vinegar will be a tad strong and not pleasant to wear but you could ingest this to increase relief from anxiety—to be able to rst—to disinfect a wound topically–to use for different type of bug bites—hope this gives you some ideas

  14. lavendderrable says:

    iam so sorry .. i ment Vinegar.. thanx

  15. HerbsPlusBeadWorks says:

    @lavendderrable not sure what a finiger is…care to elaborate—

  16. HerbsPlusBeadWorks says:

    @jardidge UMMM I didn’t thinl I was talking our of my backside—whatt part of the essential oils healing are you having a hard time with??? they use them in the food industry as a natural prtectant agins pathogens of all sorts to protect and preserve then foods we eat–if you need assistance to become enlightened I acan direct you to any number of references but don;t stay ignorant it will be your undoing

  17. jardidge says:

    Wow, this guy is really talking out of his ass. Saying essential oils have healing properties.

  18. MySpaceSugar says:

    Hey Toney!!

    Can You tell me where to buy descent essential oils for a great price??
    I think I want to buy 2oz bottles if that matters.

    as far as quality out of 1-10 Id like 7 or higher. and best deals on the net.

    thanks for any help!!

    Great Video btw!!

  19. HerbsPlusBeadWorks says:

    the leathery scent can either be a synthetic or a mixture of esssential oils reacting with the leather–juniper—cedar—cypress and rosemary or sace can be pu together and once they reaction is over in a ix you can sometimes replicate that scent—depending what these oils gwet exposed to

  20. hickorydickoryduck says:

    Hello HPBWs, I’ve just gotten into the whole fragrance/scents scene.
    One question I have is I understand fruity/grassy/leafy essense or oils and their origin but where do the leather scents come from exactly?

  21. paopaomanalansan says:

    @HerbsPlusBeadWorks ok… but we know these essential oils are skin irritants, how do you make it milder for the skin?

  22. HerbsPlusBeadWorks says:

    @paopaomanalansan you can use it —but it is not as penetrating you can even use an oil and alcohol mix as well –remember the alcohol allows for better and depper pentration just use the alocohl you would drink like vodka—sky line —smirnoff— should help

  23. municsscareme says:

    @paopaomanalansan if you dont want it to have a good dry down

  24. HerbsPlusBeadWorks says:

    then it is no longer a cologne—but you can use it that way ,ake sure you only use one drop and do not exceed 3 of any one drop of E/O this is until you familiarize yourself with the oils and there properties—once you gain any insight then explore and break the rules

  25. paopaomanalansan says:

    Can water replace alcohol?

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