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Make your own skin care and cosmetics

February 26, 2011 by aromatherapymaster guest  
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How to Make your own organic cosmetics and skincare series coming up. please comment rate and subscribe! Books mentioned: The green beauty guide Author: Julie Gabriel Website: Complete Aromatherapy Handbook (essential oils for radiant health) Author: Susanne Fischer-Rizzi Medical Aromatherapy healing with essential oils Author: Kurt Shnaubelt Advanced aromalt therapy The science of essential oil therapy Author: Kurt Shnaube

Would you like to learn how to integrate multiple techniques into an amazing massage routine? Licensed massage therapist Sabrina Smith takes you on a guided tour of Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Acupressure & Hot Stone Therapy treatments. Whether you are a beginner or have used Hot Stone Therapy for many years, you will learn how combining these ancient techniques into your routine can enhance the therapeutic and restorative effects of your massage. Your clients will love your improved ability to relax and rejuvinate them in less than an hour! You will see demonstrated: • Equipment Setup & Precautions • Patient Relaxation Techniques • Aromatherapy Uses & Benefits • Acupressure Points • Breathing Exercises for Relaxation This DVD comes with a manual and test that have been approved for continuing education credits through the NCBTMB. Visit

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8 Responses to “Make your own skin care and cosmetics”
  1. DanielleBeautyBliss says:

    @missglenellen You are very welcome! glad u enjoyed it! :)

  2. missglenellen says:

    yes, some germans are into aromatherapy!!! both susanne fischer-rizzi and kurt schnaubelt are germans, he originally from munich and her from sulzberg/allgäu. she is kind of a german pioneer as her book was the first by a german author (published in the mid eighties). you can find her on youtube presenting a chapter of her newer book about how to make a fire in the wilderness. i myself am a german aromatherapist and author living in ireland (eliane zimmermann). thanks for your lovely video!

  3. DanielleBeautyBliss says:

    @FluffyCandyGirl my skin can be very sensitive as well. I will for sure do a skin care routine vid in the future. :)

  4. FluffyCandyGirl says:

    @DanielleBeautyBliss Amazing, I absolutely have to try these drops! :) I’m so excited. Plus I really want to try one of their raw chocolates, they sound delicious! I will also check out the sebuckthorn best skin. Maybe another great idea for a cool video is about what you use in your face and body routine. I would LOVE to see all the products that you love. My skin is very problematic (with acne), but using natural skincare and eating healthy makes a huge difference. I hope to be clear soon :)

  5. DanielleBeautyBliss says:

    @FluffyCandyGirl Yes I have tried their healthy gum drops and they are FAB I have been using them for a little over 6 months and my mouth has never felt better and healthier. :)
    I know living libations is expensive and BEWARE addicting! their essential oils and products are so beautiful and well made. I will go into more detail about all the things I have tried and loved from living libations in a vid
    for now I would reccomend their healthy gum drops and sebuckthorn best skin ever. :)

  6. DanielleBeautyBliss says:

    @FluffyCandyGirl aww thank u! u are so sweet!
    and I think its a great idea that I show you all my oils and explain them! :)

  7. FluffyCandyGirl says:

    Just wanted to ask one more thing about living libations: have you already tried one of their drops for the teeth? Those sound really interesting! I also really enjoy their videos, they are very informative. I am still deciding what to order from them, everything is really expensive (but the quality is great I suppose) – do you have any recommendations?

  8. FluffyCandyGirl says:

    Hi! It was so lovely to mention me, I was pleasantly surprised :) I got to excited when I saw that you posted a new video and I am really looking forward of the new series. Can’t wait! Also thank you for the book recommendations, I will surely check them out. It would be really intereesting if you could do a video about aromatheraphy (about oils that you have and their uses)-just a thought :)
    Keep up the good work, I looooove your videos and your personality :)

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