Friday, January 19, 2018


25 Responses to “How To Use Essential Oils To Improve Your Life”
  1. cheesequest100 says:

    @missysweetkissy At bath and body works

  2. shane6003PQ says:

    they are expensive everywhere. I usually just buy lemon and lavender since they are pretty cost effective for what they do. It’s about 17 USD for a large 90ml or 3fl oz bottle of lemon oil, and about 22 dollars for the same sinze in lavender. I use the lemon for diffusing the room, and lemon sprays (^_^)

  3. runescapeguy12 says:

    Are essential oils expensive in Canada?

  4. princemohsin says:

    I loved this clip

  5. Shawlia says:


  6. NotShortJustFunSize1 says:

    i do but im not stupid! i just act stupid :)

  7. crazzychik says:

    what’s the name of the essential oil she mentions at 1.37

  8. 7Supernova7 says:

    i made my own.. it has a cannabis flavour.. also great to drink. ; D

  9. Shawlia says:

    lol yo

  10. Shawlia says:

    Oh yay!! $25!! I’d be rich!!

  11. 11dogsrule11 says:

    i think i m gonna try the cinnamon thing!

  12. Tressco says:

    If you drink more than 15 shots of patchouli per day your child will smell forever like Jim Morrison…

    Some incense mess with your hormone levels. Salvia sclarea for example could trigger premature labor…

  13. videosfromderelix says:

    yeah it would suck if getting high really did kill thousands of brain cells XP

  14. gurlicutie says:

    so helpful!

    ***I’m having a contest on my channel and i’m giving away a $25 Target giftcard. Anyone can enter so please do.

  15. BalooDumptruck says:

    acaulty its a marker that has scented oils in it

  16. Kersplattt says:

    It makes me sick :

  17. Shawlia says:

    Ah, yes. Killing thousands of brain cells will do ya good.

  18. 10thStreetBlvd says:

    hahaha getting high

  19. starrish says:

    i need jasmin cuz i can’t sleep !!!!

  20. TheMetroid15 says:

    what is this? getting high

  21. DarkandJaded says:

    What can oils do when you’re pregnant??

  22. BalooDumptruck says:

    true dat

  23. NotShortJustFunSize1 says:

    word yo

  24. PartVIII says:


  25. BalooDumptruck says:

    i like to whif markers

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