Monday, December 18, 2017

How to Use Bel’air Lamp Diffuser Tutorial

This tutorial is made to teach you how to use Bel’air lamp diffuser. Bel’air lamp diffuser can eliminate harmful gases, and enhance the functions of lungs, veins and blood circulation. Different types of aromatic fragrance oils can reduce corresponding sickness. HOW TO USE: 1. a completely set should include 5 pieces (1.lamp diffuser, 2.filler, 3.metal cap, 4. metal cover, 5.wick) 2. use filler to fill fragrance oil into the lamp for at least 1/3 full. 3. put wick into the lamp. 4. wait for 1-2 hours to let the wick absorb fragrance oil well enough. 5. you may pour oil directly on the wick, if you don’t want to wait that much time. 6. also may pour a little bit oil on the top (the grey one). The fragrance oil contains alcohol in it. so it can help the lamp keeps burning. 8. you may light the lamp. 9. let it burn for 3-5 mintues. 10. use metal cover to put off the fire. 11. place metal cap on it, and let the lamp diffuse. 12. warm: do not touch any metal parts, and the top (the grey one). it could be extremely hot. Put kids away from that. 13. it is diffusing aroma now. 14. it could last very long time depending on how much fragrance oil you put in. 15. when the top gets cold, it will stop diffusing. [Summer Lit'Orange] Background music Summer – by Joe Hisaishi (久石让) album: Encore

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