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How To Use Aromatherapy To Keep Your Home Clean And Smelling Fresh

How To Use Aromatherapy To Keep Your Home Clean And Smelling Fresh

If your going to clean your home, why not make the most of it and reap the benefits of aromatherapy while you clean! As many of us have noticed when we tackle our household chores, the smell from the chemicals of many products can be pretty overwhelming, and if we use them without decent ventilation we may end up making ourselves sick.

Would it not be a great change if when we did our household chores that we would end up invigorated instead of feeling tired and drained? Well the truth is we can be by making use of some of natures treasures. Here are some tips we can start using right away.

In reality it is not only easy, but fun and cost-effective to make your own household cleaners, especially if you make them in large quantities.

It is a good idea to properly label any of your homemade cleaning products, the same way that sore bought cleaning products are labeled. As with any household cleaning product remember to store them in a safe and secure location where children and any pets will not be able to get to them. Even though in many cases our homemade products are non-toxic, any ingestion of excessive quantities can still make a person or pet quite sick. Also be careful with any pure essential oils as they to can be harmful and be sure to avoid any contact between your eyes and any oils.

Choosing the right aromatherapy ingredients for your homemade cleaning products.

Lets start with something simple and effective that we could all use. We will begin by creating a basic air freshener for our home. We start by adding our favorite scent into a plain pot of water on our kitchen stove. All we have to do is slowly simmer the mixture for several hours to fully release it’s aromas. As an example take the aromatic smell of simmering citrus rinds, the smell is quite invigorating and refreshing but you can just as easily use any essential oil that has a scent you find appealing.

Next we have a tip for a room of the house that can always use a fresh clean scent, the bathroom. We can make sure that there is always a fresh and clean scent in our bathroom by doing the following. Squeeze a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto the cardboard portion of the toilet paper roll. With each pull of the toilet paper roll the fragrance will re -release it self creating a consistent fresh smell of the essential oil you applied. Just remember to reapply your scent when ever you change your toilet paper roll.

If there is a situation where you need to use a chemical based cleanser product but would rather leave behind a more pleasant fragrance that does not have the smell of a harsh chemical, you can do so by making a simple rinse using just water and your favorite essential oil. Good choices for this purpose would be eucalyptus, pine, lemon, wintergreen, lavender, there are many more you could use as well but the ones i just mentioned are known to work well. Start with about 4 droplets for about every pint of water, spray out a tiny amount and see if the potency is to your liking, if not add another drop or 2 and test again. With the water and oil combination in your plastic spray bottle, just use it as ‘final rinse’ as you do your cleaning. Be sure to keep the filled bottle stored in a dark place since sunlight speeds up the degradation of the essential oils.

Now lets take a look at a great all purpose cleaner. Tee tree and lavender essential oils are fairly well known to have inherent antibacterial properties that we can use as a natural mixture to clean our kitchen counter tops or any location where we want to explicitly kill germs. All we have to do is what we did in our previous example, mix a couple of droplets with some water into a spray bottle and spray the mixture on to the surface we wish to clean. In situations such as killing mold and mildew we will need to add roughly fifty droplets into a bucket of water.

Next we have an easy recipe for making our own homemade carpet freshener. Start with a mixing bowl and add four cups of baking soda or cornstarch combined with twenty five droplets of a rosewood essential oil, then add thirty five droplets of a eucalyptus oil, followed by thirty droplets of a lavender oil. Make sure to break a part any clumps that may have formed and mix well. Now we just pour into a shaker style bottle and sprinkle the mixture onto our carpets. Let the mixture set the carpet for around fifteen minutes before vacuuming. The essential oils listed here are only guidelines, don’t be afraid to mix things up and try your own personal favorites.

To make a good floor cleaner, start by combining fifteen droplets of an orange oil then add eight droplets of a lemon essential oil, combine all of that with one gallon of hot water along with two tablespoons of a liquid detergent soap. This mixture is great on many tough jobs, but not only that, it will leave the room smelling fantastic along with being sparkling clean.

We can also make our own dryer sheets to make our clothing smell fantastic. Start by placing a few droplets of our favorite smelling essential oil onto a small regular cotton towel. All we need to do now is add the towel into our dryer along with our wet clothes and dry as we normally would.

The great thing about all these tips is that they are not only effective and better then many commercial alternatives but they can also save us quite a bit of money with time.

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This video describes the health benefits and spiritual uses of this wonderful herb

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