Monday, December 18, 2017

Healing Essential Oils of the Bible, Skin beauty, Health secrets…from The Secrets of Eden

This is the famous “Nothing But the Oils” blend from” 23 oils blended including Frankincense, myrrh, lavender, sweet almond and more! Healthiest thing in the world for your largest organ, your skin. (Not affiliated with Young Living Essential Oils LC)

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20 Responses to “Healing Essential Oils of the Bible, Skin beauty, Health secrets…from The Secrets of Eden”
  1. EricaYE6 says:

    Thank you toothsoap, for the tip. I’m doing some shopping around for essential oils right now (for the first time). And I’m so glad I read your comment. Thanks again.

  2. DivaJacobs313 says:

    @nygrow10 love the stuff. I love whipping up my own. Great for eczema and other dry skin conditions. cleared up my eczema completely.

  3. DivaJacobs313 says:

    @alreadycrowning you should do facials with clay, use a toner made with flower water, and to even my skin tone I use 100% shea butter. shea works like cocoa butter and helps with wrinkles. I am always told that my skin is beautiful and have a youthful healthy glow. Removing dead skin is the key to youthful looking skin.

  4. DivaJacobs313 says:

    I have been using essential oils since 2005. I use aromatherapy and herbs to help heal my body of almost everything. and aromatherapy techniques to help with pain from a serious neck injury in 2000. thanks for sharing . Health & Blessings. I truly enjoy using essential oils for relaxation therapy and healing.

  5. sohooded says:

    Oils are good. Also if you don’t want your skin to get old..make sure you avoid the sun and tanning beds. Keep tanning and one day you’ll wake up and look like a map of the moon.

  6. alreadycrowning says:

    @scarlett24ca Do you know if those mixtures could even skin tone

  7. ayjntghost says:

    u forgot to mention cannabis… but they wouldnt put that in their products… exodus 30:23

  8. nygrow10 says:

    Have you heard of Shea butter. Pure unrefined. It helps healing certain skin conditions supposedly. Stretch marks…

  9. pastorstraw says:

    Indeed. I have thought twice about it, and then after doing this for several years now I am still happy I do it. Not to minimize what you have said, there is wisdom in using caution, however with our product, “Nothing but the Oils” the essential oils are in a mixture of selected carriers and as a Naturpath I am persuaded that, at least as far as “this” product is concerned it is perfectly safe and edifying. Our product is consumed rapidly, and therefor the use of plastic is inconsequential.

  10. toothsoap says:

    Some essential oils have estrogenic compounds. Think twice before “slathering” them all over your body. They are man’s first medicine, I repeat, MEDICINE. Use them sparingly. No need to douce yourself in essential oils. A whole foods diet will keep you healthy and essential oils can be used occasionally when needed. Also, essential oils should be kept in GLASS, not plastic as essential oils will leach compounds from plastic.

  11. sharoBuzz says:

    How interesting! I know the essential oils are absorbed immediately right into the skin, but Is it comedogenic? (clogs pores?)

  12. mexifaith says:

    WOW :0 I got to get me some of that oil! Bless you:)

  13. LitterboxDiorama says:

    Makes a good anal lube as well

  14. SuperEcoGirl says:

    I’ve read that a blend of lavender, frankincense and rose hip oil get rid of acne scars. Has it worked for anyone?

  15. AfroSchmuck says:

    At 57 he has better skin than me…

  16. scarlett24ca says:

    Castor oil, Olive and Coconut oil has been a God sent

  17. CharleneSunrise says:

    Haha! If I did that I’d sprout pimple city!

  18. PRUSSA says:

    These oils work period!
    For Athletes and those who exercise
    even more results. RUSSA

  19. bindicia says:

    Just try the oil and your questions will be answered…

  20. 007jjb says:

    Pastor Straw’s products are the best and the prices cant be beat…GOD bless JB

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