Friday, November 24, 2017

Haul: Vacation Haul!

=) All the goodies I bought while on vacation! I was quite good this time and only bought things that I needed, really wanted, or were deeply discounted. Yay! NASSAU – Caribbean Rum Tea – Caribbean Guava Jam and Tamarind Spice Spread US – Kenneth Cole Heels x 2 – Puma Pace Cat – L’Occitane Nourishing Hand Cream in Honey and Shea – BBW Aromatherapy Headache Relief Roll-ons – BBW Aromatherapy Sleep Pillow Mist – Cole Haan Village Medium Work Tote in Camel – Cole Haan Croco Patent Bugatti in Chocolate WALGREENS – CoverGirl Fantastic Lash – Revlon Beyond Natural Concealer / Highlighter – Revlon ColorStay Lipsticks in Smooth Nude and Ripened Red BORDER SHOPPING – Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup Side Note: Americans are so lucky, your drugstores always have great deals! =) I think I’d go broke surfing the drugstore aisles if I lived in the States.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Haul: Vacation Haul!”
  1. Francklyn5403 says:

    Girls That Love Handbags, confirm here. * GirlieRewards. Info *

  2. alyshaw101 says:

    Two dollers for one concealer i get the same concealer for 11.99!!!!!

  3. emshem1 says:

    love the black heels!

  4. MalevolentMakeUp says:

    I really like your mom’s bag!

  5. guitarplayer412 says:

    Where is your room tour video???? I can’t find it! and i can’t find your iherbs video anymore, you removed it! why? i love your videos!

  6. blitherness says:

    I tried the toner with witch hazel, and my skin is already looking so much better.

  7. cjesle says:

    everythings expensive in canada..including taxes in ontario too..ugh

  8. ilikegoatmilk says:

    i know what you mean by canadian prices… i live in canada to

  9. cechewaa says:

    The clinique foundations are great. I use half a peasized amount almost every day and it gives such a natural, yet flawless finish! :)

  10. RubyChopsticks says:

    I’ve been looking for that lippie in smooth nude everywhere! Maybe I’ll have more luck when I go back to school. Also, I’ve never owned a coach bag, I just feel like that brand isn’t worth my money. I bought a gorgeous black leather Michael Kors and I love it. One of my fav designers…too bad I can’t afford much of his stuff :( Glad you had fun on ur vacation!

  11. hsm209diva says:

    where did you go from vacation??

  12. meepocow says:

    Not at all, we do all have our own tastes. And I agree, the only person who needs to know that your bag is real if yourself. That’s why I’m liking bags with no signage, only I know the brand and I prefer that.
    =) I did see plenty of fake Coach bags in marketplaces in the Bahamas, and there are tons in all the Chinatowns I’ve been as well! Definitely have to be savvy about what’s out there.

    Another book for my reading list, thanks hun!

  13. facadeindreams says:

    Hey Toby, it might be worthwhile to check out a book called Deluxe by Dana Thomas. What you learn about the luxury industry may surprise you. Most bags are made in Asian countries and then add the hardware in Italy or France so they can say it’s “Made in Italy.”

  14. TobyLittleDude says:

    I guess everyone has their own taste :) However, I don’t agree about LV being cliche and tacky b/c there are so many fakes out there. As long as I know that mine is authentic, that’s all that matters. The reason why there are very few fakes with brands like Coach and Cole Haan is mainly b/c they are more affordable and made in China anyways.

    However, I really do like your reviews and videos!~ Hope you didn’t take this post the wrong way. :)

  15. goldcitylights says:

    i have the same shoes as you, but i found them in the womens section..

  16. meepocow says:

    Hm.. I wasn’t aware I do that, at least not with an audible ’smack.’ Perhaps lip pursing after the word ‘um,’ which I admittedly do overuse but am trying to grow out of. Then again, how can you not purse your lips after a bilabial consonant, right? ;)

    Happy new year to you, too!

  17. meepocow says:

    =) I’m glad you found something that works for you! Unfortunately, I’m still a poor university student and I can’t afford those exorbitant price tags.

    I knew exactly what I wanted, a basic camel-coloured leather bag with no logos or signage, and I was glad to find it at such an inexpensive price.

    I personally find the LV logo-branded bags very cliché and tacky, especially since there are so many fakes on the market. =) So what I meant by ‘growing out of it’ is I prefer basic non-branded bags.

  18. meepocow says:

    Congrats! I still look like a newborn giraffe when I wear heels..

  19. meepocow says:

    Haha I’ll add that to my list!

  20. meepocow says:

    I should have a video on my whitening techniques. =) Honestly, just flossing and brushing with whitening toothpaste twice a day. I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink all types of tea.

  21. meepocow says:

    Wow, that’s pretty fab!

  22. meepocow says:

    Aww, that’s great hun! Which bag do you have?

  23. meepocow says:

    Haha It’s true, so pretty but it’s not mine. =)

  24. jennynotjen says:

    i enjoy watching your videos because you’re articulate and and the content is interesting, but your lip smacking drives me nuts! i guess it’s just a habit for you, and a pet peeve for me! happy new year!

  25. lizqueen says:

    ew leather bags!!

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