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Haul: Bath & Body Works

September 15, 2010 by aromatherapymaster guest  
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Follow me on Twitter! I love bath and body works and am so excited to try out some more new products. As you can tell I am in love with the aromatherapy line. Peace, Love & Music Brianna xoxo Prices: Foaming Soap: .50 Body Cream: .50 SP Shower Gel: .75 MM Lotion: .75 Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Candle: .50 Aromatherapy Stress Relief Candle: .50 Aromatherapy Pillow Mist: .00 Dark Kiss Lotion: .00 Dark Kiss Body Mist: .00 Dark Kiss Candle: .00 Blog – Music – http VLOG – Fan Page – Disclaimer: Everything was purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own. I am not being paid to make this video.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Video Review for Afterglow Massage Candle by Jimmyjane To purchase the Afterglow More Aromatherapy candles Follow the contributor Alicia on Official edenfantasys Website

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22 Responses to “Haul: Bath & Body Works”
  1. beautybyFiia says:

    Nice haul! (: Just subbed!

  2. GrandMimi4 says:

    This Labor Day Weekend at B&BW: 3 wick candles [$19] on sale 2 for $20 or 3 for $30. Use the survey get 3 for $20. Get’em now….word on the street is…they will soon be 2 for $30. Like the hand soaps…If you’ve noticed, they are now 4 for $15 or 6 for$20.

  3. GrandMimi4 says:

    The candles do burn too fast for me. To make your candle last longer, get a candle warmer instead. I LOVE their Aromatharaphy line. Come check out my collection.

  4. jocieusnw says:

    sweet cinnamon pumpkin is my all time fav scent from BBW! :)

  5. iskrugh1 says:

    @MisfitMassacreMakeup yeah i kinda realized that after i watched the whole thing XD

  6. MisfitMassacreMakeup says:

    @iskrugh1 lmao you obviously didn’t watch until the end because i bought a bunch of dark kiss…

  7. iskrugh1 says:

    you need to try their newest scent its called dark kiss! and its officially my new fav smell from B&BW

  8. melaniesgr says:

    Awesome. love bath and body works :)

  9. Th3I3itch says:

    I work at bath & body works. Keep your eyes out for the new fall candle, Cranberry Woods. Smells amazing. We launch our new fall themes Thursday, August 26th! :)

    Oh, and the Dark Kiss is our “sexiest” scent ever. The main smell consists of Dark Berries mixed with a musky woods & then topped off with a sweet vanilla.. so it’s not TOO overpowering. But as a scent, it definitely doesn’t back down. :P

  10. Th3I3itch says:

    I work at bath & body works. Keep your eyes out for the new fall candle, Cranberry Woods. Smells amazing. We launch our new fall themes Thursday, August 26th! :)

  11. fashinator1985 says:

    Where I live we don’t have a B&BW. Plus they don’t ship liquids to Maui, Hi. I’m sad. I miss these things! I wanted to try the Pillow Mist in the Lavender Vanilla as well.

    I love watching your videos! Keep them coming! <3

  12. person10001 says:

    I love Bath and Body Works!
    You look so pretty in this video :D

  13. lordvoldemort44 says:


  14. MisfitMassacreMakeup says:

    @DarkxAbyssmalxSoul In canada the mini candles are $8 because of the price difference. I def. want to try more of the fall scents eventually though there’s a couple I don’t like though. I haven’t tried the hand sanitizers yet but I will next time for sure thanks! :)

  15. MisfitMassacreMakeup says:

    @DarkxAbyssmalxSoul lol i hate moonlight path too! it’s not as nice so i don’t know why they kept it over the moonlight magic. I am so bummed it’s discontinued! I love twilight woods too, I have the lotion and shower gel. I figured midnight pomegranate would be a great scent for fall which is why I bought it this time around. There are so many I want to try!

  16. MisfitMassacreMakeup says:

    @Teseia awwwe! that is so sweet! xo

  17. DarkxAbyssmalxSoul says:

    I bought all of the mini candles they had for fall, they were on sale for $5, right now im burning creamy pumpkin.There isnt a fall scent I dont like. Have you tried the Halloween hand sanitizers? They are yummy (less alcohol smell,more scented imho) & if you mix them they make new scents, like caramel apple!

  18. DarkxAbyssmalxSoul says:

    I love midnight pomegranate! I use it in the fall, the scent seems to change in the summer =/ I also have the lavendar vanilla aromatherapy bubblebath/shower gel & lotion,while I dont like lavendar & love vanilla just like you,I have to agree it does aid in sleep.I also like the Moonlight magic,which is so odd because I hate Moonlight Path.
    One of my VERY favorite scents is Twilight Woods. I love woodsy earthy smells & the combination in this scent is amazing! Give it a try.

  19. footballgirl4ever12 says:

    Great video! I’m gonna have to get the cinamon pumpkin candle, because that is one of my favorite sents (:

  20. Teseia says:

    i love your video!Your like a role model to me!

  21. dulcetdisaster says:

    I’m freaking addicted to dark kiss. I got two body mists too =) I’ve been using them non-stop!

  22. AllThatMakeup18 says:

    You look abit like Katy Perry. Your really pretty, great video :)


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