Friday, January 19, 2018

Experiment # 1: Making an essential oil

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how to combine aromatherapy oils to massage oil anti-stress in this video free personal health. Expert: Nathan Nil Contact: Bio: Nil Nathan, host of “Healing size, is the creator of a television series and website on holistic health where she researches, writes, and reports. Director Nathan Nile

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50 Responses to “Experiment # 1: Making an essential oil”
  1. rplhouse says:


  2. yuritim says:

    very bad choice of music ruins your video

  3. rebeccatotilo says:

    Great job on video. Music was annoying though. You convinced me it is easier to purchase at the store!

  4. 12quillemall5321 says:

    I thought it was easier to infuse lavender into a carrier oil like grapeseed, olive, or even mineral. I use candle or canned heat as the source of heat.

  5. Lavenderrose73 says:

    That sounds good, I’ll try that. I don’t know what I said wrong that 4 people would have a problem with my comment. It’s not like I was hating on anyone, I was just brainstorming what might be easier for a college student living in a 1 bedroom apartment. Kudos to whoever CAN do it this way. Thanks for the tip, Dawn.

  6. DawnChs says:

    You can make a tincture using everclear or ethyl alcohol. Just use a jar with a lid, and stuff with your favorite flower petals like roses, pour the everclear or ethyl alcohol over them till it covers them, let sit in the jar for 24 to 48 hours or more. You will then strain the mixture through a coffee filter, into another jar or bottle.

  7. DawnChs says:

    Great video but the music was awful, too loud and really not needed for this type of video.

  8. 43932 says:

    I would not put a vigreux column, it is not a real distilation, it is an extraction, so you don’t need a reflux, just a nice liebig condenser, well cooled.

  9. bumber101 says:

    sink mounted water condensers are such a waste of water, they piss me off

  10. MrFrancobi says:

    That was very good!!! For other occassion is good you use protection glasses or goggles…

  11. Kierinsky says:

    Thanks for this. Two questions:

    1) Did the oil smell nice? Was it the same as store bought stuff?

    2) Did you just use leaves or the flowers or both?


  12. creamstripe says:

    Great video. Good info. The only thing i did not like was the music as it competed too hard with the content. Too loud for one thing.

  13. Lavenderrose73 says:

    That is awesome! I love essential oils, but it looks terribly complicated and not at all what one could do in their own kitchen. Maybe I’ll just try making floral water or something. Maybe steam rose petals in a steamer like I would vegetables where the water would be low enough not to touch them? I’d probably kill the therapeutic value, but I imagine I’d still get the fragrance. I just don’t want to use those synthetic animal-testing (torturing) air fresheners. I love going natural all the way!

  14. santrico says:


  15. ccoasterdesigner says:

    Such a little amount but SOOOO strong! you could put all of that in a batch of soap and it would probably be to much!

  16. sombromantic says:

    Wow this was very informative. We owe alot to scientific processes, and it’s always good to have insight into how products we use might be made.

  17. cimididi says:

    Thanks 4 the informaion. Really good

  18. Shyssirixus says:

    OH BTW, thanks for posting this. Now I know how to extract lavender oil.

  19. Shyssirixus says:

    haha lavender molecules…. but very cool project.

  20. unriselyrical says:

    well done, very interesting

  21. im2stupid says:

    yes i am french and we actually manage to get an 18/20 =D

  22. mylinkx86 says:


  23. camilit0 says:

    TPE ? Are you french?

    Anyway how many points did you get for this manipulation?

  24. amomentofheat says:

    I’ve been trying to make oils for the longest time with no success.

  25. myst32YT says:

    Nice job!!

  26. karonvick says:

    Question? When you said it would last 3 months would a benzion resin oil hold this up longer? I’ve been using it but not long enough to know for sure and have found mixed information. Thanks much for sharing you video.

  27. killakaynyne says:

    listen I agree with respect to the power of the mind and all that – heck watch the secret and anyone can understand that – however its quite simple in this case – good smells, are reduce stress – reduced stress = healthier person that’s a fact – so it’s not (necessarily) a mental thing as it is a result of feeling more relaxed…all it really does is pretty much relax you more (maybe there are other properties and such but that’s the main thing) — relaxed individual = healthier individual

  28. Golioth78 says:

    Thanks for the recipe!

  29. ThePaleWriter says:

    Dude. That comment was so funny & was just what I was thinking by the end, but it’s funny someone had the balls to say it & then close their account.

  30. silversan17 says:

    waiting for 3 monthes? ? ?
    you sure you dont mean 30 years??

  31. tommcl1979 says:

    now rub that oil all over those wonderful breasts.

  32. mf2101 says:

    Light affects the chemical composition of the oils. Blue and brown glass filters out the light.

  33. lostweat says:

    dude that essential oil is so not 100 percent. She’s using a dripper to get the oil out when the bottle should have a cap with a little hole in it.

  34. abbernomad says:

    I highly reccomend you watch Penn&Teller’s Bullshit, episode: “Stress”.

    Key word here is BULLSHIT.

  35. fay8164 says:

    protect aroma oil from the light

  36. CAteen69 says:

    Looks like she is doing some form of Chemistry. lol
    Or maybe witchcraft ^_^ good stuff right there for massage.

  37. 2submit says:

    try how to kill a man

  38. annkus3 says:

    LOL, I have noticed that also.

  39. Hamsterdance2016 says:

    EVERY single thing i type in the youtube bar up at the top, there is always one by expertvillage for everything i type in.

  40. optahealth says:

    Light damages the oils. Also never put the bottles near a window that has a lot of sunlight coming in

  41. moly5524 says:

    Because all essential oils are LIGHT sensitive. The fragrance will deteriorate faster when exposed to light and air.

  42. brieeexx says:

    Why does the bottle need to be dark blue or brown??????

  43. 247XPRESS says:

    What you just said is kinda what I was saying, the things aromatherapy “helps” with can be beaten by using the “aid” and telling your mind it will work. But does that not then de facto mean that it works? I’m not a believer, but I’m not a detractor. I think its possible that aromatherapy works, but the reason is because you told yourself it will work, and since you told yourself it will work, it does.
    So yeah we are in agreement mostly, but I’m not quite ready to say myth busted just yet.

  44. erichau728 says:

    “Watching Oprah will heal me~”
    Yea…the believing thing is Not always correct but I guess you could call it an aid.

    It’s more of a psychological thing… It’s like that fake fat soap. Tricked people that it actually washes away your fat. That was how that product kept going and people “Believed” you could lose weight like that… Just how people “Believe” they relieve stress by these oils.

  45. 247XPRESS says:

    BTW healing properties being “all in your head” as I stated below is NOT a bad thing. When you are sick, hurting, etc. whatever works and gives you relief should be used. Whatever works for you is a phrase I cannot stress enough because its so true!!

  46. 247XPRESS says:

    erichau728, Watch “The Matrix” and maybe you will understand that regardless of whether or not the effects of aromatherapy (or anything for that matter) are “real” is irrelevant. The mind can make anything real, if you believe that aromatherapy works, then it probably does. If the mind perceives something as real, then it is! I’m gonna end this before I go on and blow the minds of all who read this and say that even if it is a Placebo it can have healing properties if your mind tells you so.

  47. sarahsofia2008 says:

    I am studying Aromatherapy as part of my beauty therapy course.. I appreciate the talk through – But would have liked you to name the benefits or even briefly the charcteristics of each oil.. Thanks! Good Video

  48. sarahsofia2008 says:

    haha – Not correct.
    And – some oils smell quite horrid, depends which oil you are using/blending.
    Of course it helps relief stress! If you are not negative about it.. You could take a head ache pill – But if you are determined the pain won’t go – It probably won’t

  49. beladi713 says:

    yey thanks for proving him wrong i wasnt really sure if aromatherapy worked or not but i did cause i use them to meditate and other healing things but i only taught it worked if you believed it work like witchcraft

  50. randyharrisonfan says:

    I have a diploma in aromatherapy so all you did was prove to me your an idiot for not doing research.

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