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Essential Oils-How to make your own resin burner

February 10, 2011 by aromatherapymaster guest  
Filed under Aromatherapy Products There is no need to spend extra money on resin burners when you can use what you have at home. Coffee mugs can stand a lot of heat so they are perfect for making resin burners. Coffee mugs come in cute designs so you’ll be able to find one that matches your home decor better than a commercial resin burner. Set a tea-lite candle in the bottom of your coffee mug, cover the rim of the mug with foil punctured with holes to let the smoke from the candle escape, set your resins and water in the well of the foil, and enjoy the exquisite aromas of frankincense or myrrh from Young Living. Cold-air diffusion is for essential oils and tea-lite candles are for burning resins.

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2 Responses to “Essential Oils-How to make your own resin burner”
  1. richarddeyn says:

    Fantastic, thanks so much for this!!! :-)

  2. dailyhealthcoach says:

    GOOD JOB Girl!!!

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