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Essential Oils Desk Reference, 4th edition

September 17, 2010 by aromatherapymaster guest  
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Kenneth Gardner explains how to use the Essential Oils Desk Reference, 4th edition (available on for .95 and free shipping or on I’m here to teach you about the Essential Oils Desk Reference. It is a reference book. People call it the EDR or the EODR. This book is a must-have for anyone who is serious about using the Young Living essential oils. It has so much information about the essential oils and how to use them. It has general information about essential oils as well as about general health topics. It is mainly good as a reference. You can look up health issues in this book, and it tells what essential oils and other Young Living products are recommended for that problem, and it will tell you how to use the oils, whether they should be inhaled, applied, and so forth. It explains how to look up health issues and how to interpret the different application methods for the oils. The book also explains all of the essential oils that Young Living carries. There is a section on the single oils and one on the essential oils blends. As of today, Young Living has 73 single oils and 65 essential oil blends. You can look up a particular oil. It tells you the scientific information, the history, the medical properties, the uses, the application (how to apply it), the fragrant influence (when you smell it, what effect it has), and which of the other Young Living products it is in. For the essential oil blends, it tells what the
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25 Responses to “Essential Oils Desk Reference, 4th edition”
  1. koowley says:

    yes KI’m sorry it took me so long to reply- I think this content is great, potentailly great- haven’t tried them all but I like your TV persona- very nicely done…SUB

  2. lysel3 says:

    Thanks, Kenneth … This looks like a fantastic reference book. Great info! Blessings & peace. :-)

  3. purenergyhealing says:

    Thanks for the book review. It seems to be a must have for any energy healer. Peace

  4. donnie2164 says:

    thank you kenneth . The wife and i sell youngliving oil’s and we own the third and fourth edition. good work keep it up.

  5. kezzielegs says:

    Looks like a very informative book!

  6. DrErika says:

    Good job Kenneth!

  7. Dorothy7476 says:

    That book looks fantastic! Very clearly explained.

  8. parrotchops says:

    Very good to get another view on good health that is not for the financial benefit of big pharma

  9. jonli702 says:

    wow not a single dislike—thats nuts considering all the trolls on the tube….nice video – really good info here!

  10. PossiblyAverage says:

    This is a very good intro for the book. Thank You for sharing. I am interested in healing herbs & oils.. Nice video!

  11. LunatikaGirL02 says:

    really interesting, thank you :)

  12. pilatesforeveryone says:

    Hi Kenneth, Thanks for sharing this. I will get the book myself. I love aromatherapy and use it when I treat people in my Remedial Massage therapy.

  13. miagirl says:

    This is very interesting!! I use certain oils on my skin. This is amazeing.

  14. KAROSIRIUS says:

    Good information to know about the book, Yes I beleive in essential oil, they come from nature with all what mother earth have to give us, and very naturally ;-)

  15. gogocartoon11 says:

    Thank you great info

  16. bigtarrose says:

    Very good book. Rick Simpsons hemp oil is used to stop the progression of cancer.

  17. mikejordorn4 says:

    I love it

  18. 1ballerina says:

    Thank you for this video; I love essential oils and I am interested in the book. I will be looking into this! I just added this video to my favorites list : )

  19. izzysmart says:

    cool, good bit of kit to have

  20. robsonrls says:

    Great i like.

  21. kingneddy says:

    hemp oil is the most medicinal oil on earth. check out the rick simpson story-run from the cure.

  22. Tadek59 says:

    Excellent video and interesting information !

  23. 71Warrior4Jesus says:

    God bless you Kenneth

  24. SoaringEleven says:

    thank’s for sharing this cool video.

  25. kahunka says:

    Thanks for the info Ken, good job!

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