Friday, November 24, 2017

Essential Oil Recipes

Get Rid of Worms with Essential Oils
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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20 Responses to “Essential Oil Recipes”
  1. DivaJacobs313 says:


  2. katdee76 says:

    Very entertaining. I just know you mean well. Perhaps it works. Some people could be allergic to some of those essential oils though. Thank you for sharing.

  3. chance123sexy says:

    ? ummm….okay then.

  4. dmbigalk says:

    I bombed them from both ends. swallowed and suppository.

  5. dmbigalk says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your formula. It is working. I am on day 2, I think they may be all out but I am going to make sure. Thanks.


  6. 12quillemall5321 says:


    Is this for human or pets?

  7. unperfectisback says:

    Yeah they can come out of the body in many ways through shit, eyes, ears, nose oh and did I mention eyes lol sike.

  8. annkus3 says:


  9. tamagoyakichan says:

    do you eat that o_o

  10. cacastanga1 says:

    what is it called to get rid of warts?

  11. TheStar73 says:

    your ass doesnt itch

  12. GooGoo32 says:

    Do you see the worms come out? How do you know you’ve gotten rid of them?

  13. supercar28 says:

    ha, ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Good video, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha

  14. marie41789 says:

    tea tree oil helps get rid of ring worms for my nephew

  15. unriselyrical says:

    wtf…”something like that”….that has to be the most half-assed mixing i have ever seen :/ no consistency whatsoever.

  16. coolmamac says:

    Good traditional recipe’s for worms. Thanks!

  17. sharingoils says:

    What are you high on?

  18. Drexkillah says:

    very well done! you have any other useful recipes with essential oils?

    Thanks :)

  19. elrincondelsol says:

    I enjoy your humour. I never though about using essential oils for parasites. Thank you for sharing,

  20. bblls12555 says:


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