Monday, December 18, 2017

Daily Aromatherapy Recipe

Here are some daily essential oil recipe

Face and Neck Multi-Purpose  Massage: 3 drops violet oil and 2 drops rose oil: in 20 ml of carrier oil. you can add vitamin E for extra benefit for your skin.

Calming Massage:  2 drops sandalwood oil, 2 drops lavender oil , 2 drops petit grain oil then add 20 ml carrier oil. Apply on the shoulders, neck, and forehead.
Backache Massage: 2 drop eucalyptus oil , 2 drops lavender oil and 1 drop lemon oil: in 20 ml carrier oil. Focus on ache areas  with fingertips.

Easy Sleep Massage:2 drops chamomile oil, 3 drop sandalwood oil , diluted in 20 ml of carrier oil.

Back Calming Massage: 3 drops jasmine oil and 4 drop ylang ylang oil ,2 drops geranium oil diluted in 20 ml of carrier oil.

Massage for Circulation Improvement :4 drops rosemary oil , 2 drops vetiver oil and 6 drop lavender oil diluted in 4 oz. of sesame oil.

Massaging Face and Neck : 2 drop galbanum oil , 3 drops neroli oil diluted in  20 ml carrier oil.

Hand Massage: 5 drops lime oil , 5 drops thyme oil , 5 drops eucalyptus oil and 5 drops cajuput oil diluted in 4 tablespoons carrier oil.
Leg Massage: 2 drops cypress oil + 2 drop lime oil + 1 drop lemon oil: 20 ml carrier oil. Massage on calves, using gentle pressure on varicose veins.

Mature Skin Massage: 2 drop myrrh oil , 2 drops lavender oil and 2 drops neroli oil diluted  20 ml wheat germ oil.

Relieving Pain Massage: 3 drop pine oil , 3 drop eucalyptus oil and 3 drops frankincense oil: diluted 20 ml carrier oil. Apply on sore joints.

Relaxing Body Massage: 3 drop neroli oil and 2 d jasmine oildiluted in 20 ml of carrier oil.

Relaxing Massage: 2 drops geranium oil , 2 drops rose oil, 2 drops lavender oil:  20 ml carrier oil. Face and scalp massage.

Sensual Body Massage:  3 drops geranium oil , 3 drops rose oil2 ,drops patchouli oil +: 20 ml carrier oil.

Body Stimulating Rub: 1 drops peppermint oil , 2 drops lavender oiland 1 drops myrrh oil diluted 20 ml carrier oil. This is an excellent winter rub.

Summer Massage: 2 drop lemongrass oil + 3 drops orange oil + 1 drop rosemary oil: 20 ml carrier oil. Good for back and shoulder massages.

Uplifting Massage: 2 drop bergamot oil +2 drops petit grain oil + 2 drops orange oil diluted in 20 ml carrier oil.

Massage for Varicose Vein :2 drops cedar wood oil and 2 drops lime oil diluted  in 20 ml carrier oil. Rub lightly, using only fingertips.
Massage for Wrinkled or Puffy Face : 2 drops rose oil + 1 drops geranium oil and + 1 drops violet oil diluted 20 ml carrier oil. Rub lightly on face, using only fingertips.

  • Not preferable for home use include: cinnamon, clove, hyssop, and sage.
  • Should not be used during pregnancy include: basil, clove, cinnamon, fennel, hyssop, juniper, marjoram, myrrh, peppermint, rosemary, sage, and white thyme.
  • Not recommended for steam facials include: bay, juniper, tea tree,clarisage, pine, and nginger.
  • Oils which are photosynthesizing include, but are not restricted to: bergamot, lime, lemon, and orange. Do not go out into the sun, if you applying  these oils to your skin, at least for couple hours.

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