Monday, December 18, 2017

Boost Energy Level Essential Oil Blend

Aromatherapy Oil Blend – Essential oil is natural oil, derived from organic compounds such as roots, flowers, wood, bark, seeds etc. Thus, essential oil is the true essence of plant and nature. Essential oil is multipurpose oil which is used in bath, cooking, cosmetic, medicinal etc. And, it is also a key ingredient in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a therapy, which is based on holistic values. It makes use of various essential oils in order to enhance health of the person.

In simple terms, blending is just mixing various type of essential oil in order to take benefit of each type of essential oil being used. While blending essential oil, the person is needed to take care of the essential oil he chooses to make a blend; because, it is necessary to make harmony between each type essential oil which has been chosen for blending. Make sure that aroma and fragrance of an essential oil get matched with the aroma of other essential oil, this will help in making harmony between various essential oil.

Some of the essential which get blend well together are:

• Woodsy gets matched with almost all the category of essential oil.

• Spicy make a good match with floral. Oriental and citrus etc

Blended essential oil is absorbed in the same manner as essential oil is being absorbed, that is, through massage, inhalation, ingestion etc.

Blending for the Desired Effect

Creating an aromatherapy blend is like using a number of vegetables and spices to prepare that delicious curry. Certain oils work against the other oil used in the blend. Use oils which enhance each oil’s effect.

Always use pure essential oils in making an aromatherapy blend. Fragrant oils are available in the market. Also, because of the presence of artificial elements in the fragrant oils, the aromatherapy blend is susceptible to becoming adulterated.

Research on aromatherapy blends may demand time. Those who have found interest in blending essential oils become engrossed in the blending in the same way as a scientist loses sleep in his discoveries. Study well the aroma profiles of each oil. Undertake a similar activity for numerous oils.

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