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Aromatherapy Headache Treatment

aromatherapy for headache treatments have been used since a long time ago. It used in migraine and tension headaches. You may have heard of it before this but wondered how aromatherapy and headache go together. Indeed, while modern medicine discovered tablets and medicines treat headaches, scents of oil and the plant was only used thing. Now we have refined the use of essential oils.

Lack of treatment was so extensive that stories in literature are talking about people trying to sleep in the “sick headache”, putting a wet rag on his head, which was scented with lavender.

Let’s get one thing straight first: Aromatherapy is proven to stop an acute headache of migraine. But remember, one of the things that accompany a migraine is anxiety, it is the treatment of headaches in general is to practice stress reduction techniques as biofeedback techniques, and use resources to reduce stress and anxiety.

How Does Aromatherapy Work?
One of the official terms used in aromatherapy headache aromachology work, which is the study and use of essential oils to promote well-being.

One of the main theories is that some perfumes can have effects on the limbic center of the brain. Limbic center of the brain responsible for emotions that are common to all people, and some basic behaviors, such as that caused women to nurse and protect their young children, or cause these animals to develop ludic behaviors (playful moods) . Emotions such as anxiety, love, hate, passion and sorrow comes in all the limbic system, in addition to some personal identity and memory.

Some researchers believe that the olfactory center of the nose connect limbic center of the brain is responsible for the reaction to perfume. Essential oils can work on the central nervous system and may influence immune function. These ideas are just theories at this stage and not yet proven.

Caution with Aromatherapy Headache Treatments
As mentioned above, discuss with your doctor if you have asthma, before using any aromatherapy.

Other considerations: Do not use if pregnant unless your doctor confirms, do not use if you have had seizures, it is best not to use children because they are more sensitive to certain odors. Use only organic essential oils and maintain the oil in a cool, dark place and discard if it is different. Do not ingest essential oils!

How can I use Aromatherapy Headache Treatment?
There are several ways to use aromatherapy for headache treatment, for example, a few drops of hot bath, because the diffuser, and the old fashioned way with a few drops rubbed on the temples. Trying to learn what Aromatherapy is and how it can help your headache can be quite confusing.

If you’ve never used aromatherapy, or do not know who they are, you can read a little more about aromatherapy headache treatments and how it may affect the lifestyle migraineur. If the headache hits, whether it is a migraine or severe tension headaches, it is important to find a quiet place and try to relax. Of course, you should use the medicine as soon as possible scented oils around will not stop the pain.

Learn some meditation techniques and use them at this time as a kind of biofeedback. This will not only relax you but also helps to reduce pain. Aromatherapy can be used as a supplement here to help with relaxation.

One of the things to remember when exploring the world, aromatherapy is that the pure organic essential oils are always the best. In fact, if you can find organic oils, these are even better. Organic matter tends to be consistent from bottle to bottle.

I have used an essential oil diffuser through yoga, and it creates a sense of calmness. I’d like lavender, but lemon is good too! These oils may be mistaken for a massage oil, and you can give the massage therapist to use just for you. A few drops hot bath is excellent when trying to relax during a headache.

What is aromatherapy oils are the best Headaches
Lavender was used for stress reduction for hundreds of years, and has a pleasant fragrance. This usually creates a soothing ambience.

Eucalyptus is used for headache by rubbing it on the skin, but discovered it did not work! For example, menthol, it may open the nasal passages where they are used as inhalants, so if you are overloaded with headache who need help.

Peppermint oil has been shown to have some efficacy in the treatment of tension headaches. Oil mix of 10% to 90% ethanol, and rubbed a little over the forehead. The mechanism is unknown, but the American Academy of Family Practice reported a study, it probably works.

Sandalwood is designed to assist with mental fatigue, which may be part of recovery from a bad headache. Note that although much has been written about sandalwood for headache, no studies have demonstrated again that it can effectively treat headaches.

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