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Aromatherapy Diffusers – Smell your Way to Better Health

Aromatherapy Diffusers – Smell your Way to Better Health

One way to make a room fragrant is with the use of an aromatherapy diffuser. Diffusion is the process by which scents are emitted into the air and subsequently inhaled. In other words, it serves as an air freshener.

You may say, “why not just use the air sprays you can buy at any drug or grocery store?” Well, you could, but since those products usually contain synthetic materials, you wouldn’t get the benefits associated with using pure essential oils.

The Nose Knows

Inhaling essential oils is believed to offer both physical and psychological benefits. As scents are inhaled, the smell travels across the olfactory nerves located inside the nose and then up into the part of the brain that controls our moods, our memories and our ability to learn. This area is called the Limbic System and when stimulated releases endorphins, neurotransmitters and other \’feel-good\’ chemicals. The aroma of a natural essential oil triggers this reaction.

The naturally occurring chemicals in essential oil are drawn into the lungs and can supply a physical benefit, as well. Depending on which essential oils you use, inhaling them can enable you to:

Relieve headache pain

Relieve nasal congestion

Relieve cough

Combat nausea and vomiting

Combat insomnia

Relieve depression and uplift your spirit

Remain alert

Enhance your libido

Types of Aromatherapy Diffusers

There are several types of aromatherapy diffuser devices on the market such as:

Electric fan diffusers

Candle diffusers


Reed diffuser

Lamp rings

Electric Fan Diffuser – This method of diffusion uses a fan to blow the essential oils into the air. The essential oils are usually placed on a tray or pad within the unit and then plugged in to a power supply to allow the fan to blow the scent into the air. Traveling? No electrical outlet readily available? Try the battery operated aromatherapy fan diffuser!

Candle Diffusers – A candle aromatherapy diffuser uses a ceramic or metal bowl to hold the essential oil while a tea light or some other type of candle is used to gently heat the aromatherapy oil. The heat causes the oil to slowly evaporate into the air.

Nebulizers – A nebulizing aromatherapy oil diffuser is a device that breaks down essential oils into smaller molecules before dispersing them into the air. These smaller molecules are more easily absorbed by the lungs creating a greater therapeutic benefit than the other diffusion methods. A nebulizer is made up of a base (usually plastic) that contains the motor, and a glass piece that holds the oils.

Reed Diffuser – Reed diffusers are becoming more popular because they are asthetically pleasing. In reed diffusion, essential oil is poured into a bottle; reeds, which look like little sticks, are then inserted into the top of the bottle. The reeds become moist, absorbing the essential oils and emitting scent throughout your room. Occasionally turning the reeds refreshes the scent. The scent from a reed diffuser can last for several months.

Lamp Rings – Lamp rings are made of terra cotta and sits directly onto a light bulb. The rings have a grooved lip that holds the essential oil. The heat from the light bulb heats the essential oil and it’s gently diffused into the room.

Daphne Nelson is an aromatherapy enthusiast and owner of a website dedicated to providing quality information on the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils.

How to use Belair Aromatherapy Diffuser with Belair essential oils and biotech vaporiser. EASY, SIMPLE, SAFE, AND EFFECTIVE. More info please visit How to use Bel’Air Diffuser with essential oils for Aromatherapy ====================================== Bel’Air Diffuser set includes: (1)Bel’Air Diffuser, (2)Bio-tech Vapouriser, (3)Tulip/ Metal Cap, (4)Catalytic Burner, (5)Bell Cap Always place the BelAir diffuser on a flat and stable surface. Step 1: Pour in the essential oil through the funnel until the diffuser is 2/3 full Step 2: *Pour in carefully the essential oil into bell cap until it is about 2/3 full. *Soak the catalytic burner head with essential oil then put the wick in lamp. (Wait for 20 – 30 seconds) Step 3: Pour the essential oil in the bell cap into the lamp through the wick Step 4: [Never Unattended!!!] *Wipe the lamp before lighting up the catalytic burner head. *Light up the catalytic burner head (Never use a piece of paper) *Blow off after 1- 2 minutes Step 5: *Cover it with the tulip/ metal cap *Test the heat of catalytic burner (Never touch the catalytic burner head while it is heated) For Vaporization…. 1) Place the biotech vapouriser base 2) Pour the pure essential oil 2 – 3 drops each time (Suggest usage every half hour) 3) For prefect results, leave the burner in action as long as you require a scented atmosphere.
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