Monday, December 18, 2017

Aromatherapy Candle

I ordered a Paul Robinett candle just to annoy the anti-commercial forces on YouTube. I bought fragrance #23, Sandalwood – Serenity. I like the aroma which reminds me of an arts store I used to visit. My cat does not like the smell though. I learned how to adjust the black/white balance in Adobe Premiere so some of the clips should look better.
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10 Responses to “Aromatherapy Candle”
  1. maicomasher says:

    Yes, I agree I spend most of my days wondering this very thing. Now If we can get everone in our great democracy to send our way of thinging around the globe. We can all be ????? LOL.

  2. mrepugnant says:

    You are the best and trust me, you are going to be a star someday! Good luck with your candle sales program and you’ll be syndicated by mid ‘08, I can just feel it!

  3. k6yardotcom says:

    I love the last Scene; your kitty is so cute.

  4. Powerstn51 says:

    I’ve always thought aromatherapy, particularly with candles, stinks!

  5. larainlamb says:

    Beautiful kitty!!! : )

  6. mmeyer84 says:

    Thanks for making this video! I’m glad you like the candle…and I hope your kitty learns to love them too! -Beth

  7. helterskelter1 says:

    Loved the ending ha ha ha

  8. robrobbins says:

    Ummm…well incense is used in many rituals as part of a spiritual practice. I bought the sandalwood fragrance because it is associated with zen.

  9. rakmanenuff says:

    hey why don’t you use your knowledge of shamanism to remote influence that smell to me. anyone who knows about amphetamine or schizophrenia will confirm that vivid smells can be generated in the brain, or sent via microwaves. rock on

  10. Natashtyht says:

    Great video, If you need any help getting your videos or channel exposed, i use a service called thetubeviews . net it has helped 5 of my videos get ranked on the first page

    Have A Blessed Night!

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