Monday, December 18, 2017

Aromatherapy and incense burner for real scenting for iPhone & iPad

Aromatherapy and incense burner for real scenting Now your iPhone and iPad right to a scent generator. Create by this app, a special plug for the headphone port of HMBTEC and fragrance oils of your choice genial atmosphere and run yourself through aromatherapy. IMPORTANT NOTICE! For the practical use of this app, you need a hardware option of HMBTEC “Armoma plug. This is attached to the headphone jack. On the axis of the plug in the integrated motor is attached a cotton swab that is impregnated with a fragrance oil. If the rods set in rotation, the scent molecules spread in the immediate atmosphere. About the App aromatherapy aroma plug is driven with an AC voltage signal from the headphone output. The rotation of the engine installed in the plug can be changed continuously with a slider. On the screen, a beautiful golden incense burner is presented. Here you can control the whole process and watch in an animation. Sit back now and enjoy the pleasant aroma and observe the realistic flickering candle and the rising of the golden clouds of fragrance fragrance lamp. And the whole is more than a simulation, because the smell is REALLY spread throughout your room. Applications of the App with aroma-Plug Option: – Air-scenting for comfort climate at home – Fragrance Marketing in sale rooms (increasing the welfare of the customers) – Fragrance production in the office to optimize the working environment – Aromatherapy to enhance well-being – Use of special oils annoying insect

The Don gets the party started and smelling “funky fresh” while prostituting himself for Corporate Nose Pimps… PS The first 100 people to subscribe to this channel will win a cup of actual kitty litter used by the real life Garfield (cat turds sold seperately). Thanks for watching.

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One Response to “Aromatherapy and incense burner for real scenting for iPhone & iPad”
  1. J2theK123 says:

    i dont no how these vids get so low views they are so funny and still no body appreciates it but i think that the don could be a great comedian and everyone should realise taht

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