Friday, January 19, 2018

5 Stress Tips Using Aromatherapy will teaches you 5 stress tips using aromatherapy. Learn both which essential oils are good for stress relief and how to use them.
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25 Responses to “5 Stress Tips Using Aromatherapy”
  1. espeonofgrace says:

    @ PaleWrighter,, ur dirty o.o

    still.. i tryed the oil burner soluton out, it got me throguh my homework with ease!

  2. ThePaleWriter says:

    My stress would be relieved if she stood up from the bathtub. No bubbles on her tush.

  3. AYOOROX says:

    ur boice is relaxing =P

  4. personwhosnowboards says:

    ok but what if i don’t have someone to massage my back? u know what i think ill just smoke weed.

  5. Winter077 says:

    hehe the computer has an accent

  6. adservingus says:

    interesting video

  7. giobm75 says:

    very very good

  8. fallenangelxz says:

    very useful tips

  9. kelvinkind10 says:

    this is nice

  10. moqishi says:

    very useful to me

  11. spammist2 says:

    quite useful to me

  12. faiz018 says:

    very useful video!

  13. mudunpapat says:

    so good this vid

  14. xiaohechen0648 says:

    such a great video, I like it

  15. kanji88k says:

    great tips here

  16. dericcz says:

    this is so cool…

  17. SYAORANA2 says:

    very good video

  18. palkuman says:

    i like the video

  19. Skywingskid says:

    wow..wat a great..!!

  20. ngaytrungthu79 says:

    yeah this one is great

  21. sempron1989 says:

    cool.. gonna try it out :P

  22. JAYLIM90 says:

    good,not bad,cool

  23. johnlewis987 says:

    great vid

  24. talisman4c says:

    yeah not bad

  25. xSUMIKO says:

    very nice video

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