Monday, December 18, 2017

精油醫學排毒按摩背部Aroma Medicine Detox Massage Back 01 English

AMRCC invented Chinese Aroma Medicine Massage (CAMM) by combining Acupressure and lymph detox massage in one. Use GP3 Rose Massage Oil that combines rose essential oil and GLA/ALA base carrier oil that provides essential nutrition for health benefits such as anti aging, deseases defending and stress relieving effects. For in-depth training on CAMM, contact Aroma Medicine Research Centre of Canada. Courses are available in Canada, US, Taiwan (Fo Guang Univ), HK and China etc.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 LOTUSDREAM Anti-Acne Gel contains a special blend of herbal ingredients that improve skin condition caused by acnes and blemishes. Its non-irritant formula provides the functions of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, balancing, soothing and calming to your skin. This remarkably effective anti-acne gel uses aloe vera, rose essential oil and lotus extract that help nourish, moisturize damaged skin. LOTUSDREAM Anti-Acne Gel is formulated for all types of skin. Ingredients: Laricycl ext., Burdock ext., Aloe Vera ext., Witch hazel ext., Amino Acid, Bio-active Silicones, Rose essential oil, Hydroglycolique De Lotus-GT10. Directions: Use twice daily, morning and evening after cleansing. Dispense 1 light pump of the product on to your fingertip and apply to the affected areas. Gently massage until the gel disappears into your skin.

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  1. ClearSolutionsResear says:

    Nice vid!

    If you’re looking for a different approach check out our channel. We teach you how to cure the “ROOT CAUSE” of acne without the use of prescription medications or dangerous drugs.

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